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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Birth Plan

    Hi All

    I have been thinking about my birth plan, I know it's early days but I cannot help being organised, it just comes and I can get rid of it. But I have come to realise I have no idea what goes on a birth plan. Have you girls closer to your due dates made birth plans? And if so would you be willing to share what kind of things you have put on there, none of your personal things, just..... I dunno what to call them sub-headings I guess. Do you know what I mean?

    Thanks guys

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    Sep 2004
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    I found doing a google search for birth plans helped out alot. You willl find some sites that have interactive ones where you just have to answer the questions and it will write one up for you. Most of these are American but they are still pretty relative to us anyway.

    You can include things like:

    Pain relief
    Support people
    Environment ie. lighting, clothing, quiet in room, massage etc.
    How you feel about induction
    Whether you want to deliver the placenta naturally
    After the birth - who cuts cord, nurses bub etc

    I'm sure that you get the idea now. I hope that this helps.

    Take care

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Thanks for that Trish, it's greatly appreciated. One thing though, what do you mean about having the placenta naturally? Don't you kind of have to if you're having a natural brith? Sorry for being a bit daft, I have never done this before

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    Sep 2004
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    Thats ok Bec. I realised after I posted it that I should have explained it better. They can givee you a shot in the leg to speed up the delivery of the placenta. This isn't required though as your placenta will come away when it is good and ready, Usually within 30 minutes although sometimes it can take alot longer than this. Do your research about it.

    Take care

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    Sep 2004
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    With the first one i found it very difficult to fill one out as you have no idea what your in for really, even watching them tapes, you just cant picture it being you i think.
    This time around i am doubting i will fill one out as i have no huge preference for anything, and i know i can scream painkiller pretty loudly this time!
    As my first birth was very traumatic i am thinking of writing a short note and giving it to midwife to explain what happened last time and although i dont expect any miracle pain free birth that they might understand my fears better. May not work but i thought it was worth a try.

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    I basically only wrote down what I REALLY wanted.... and well it all went out the window except for the skin to skin post birth and breastfeeding.

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    Feb 2004

    I'm not going to make one at all. I figure we'll see how we go. But having said that both of my support people (Aaron & mum) know exactly what I do/don't want. There's not many things - no epidural & no drip - so I didn't think it was necessary.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Thanks for the tips everyone, I will do my research and see what I can come up with

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    Aug 2004
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    Bec, like Sarah I`m not doing one, Mark knows what I want - no epidural unless I have to have an emergency c/s, I want him to cut the cord and I`d like to be able to move about but I`m going in with an open mind as most birth plans go out the window - I wish labour went by the books but unfortunately it doesn`t unless your very very lucky.

    Take Care


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    Custardtart Guest

    birth plan

    I had the same experience as Christy - once the labour started, I felt differently about everything and the plan went out the window. Sometimes logic just doesn't enter into it!


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    Aug 2004

    My hospital gave me a check list at my 36 week appt which I think covers it all. After reading comments, I've probably been a little vague on it, but it was interesting to complete it with my partner, as there were some things I didn't realise he wanted.
    eg - I thought it would be fine for someone else to announce the sex, but he's very adament about doing it?? Also, he wants to cut the cord asap, and he wants me to have the oxytocin shot to help out with third stage. These are some things I didn't have too much preference about.
    It was nice to write down on paper that I'm not feeling confident about drugs/epiduraletc, but will take it as it comes!
    The other thing I though was nice is they asked about visitors in the birthing room afterwards (to which I've said - depends who...) and if there are any special dietary requirements (to which I've said oysters, lobster, prawns, salmon and soft cheeses..... I wonder if they'll come trhough??)

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Thanks Girls, you've really helped me a lot.

    LOL Fi at the special dietary requirements, cross my fingers they come through for you. I'm sure you're partner could smuggle some of those things in for you.