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Thread: Breasts tremendously sore & i have a cyst

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    Default Breasts tremendously sore & i have a cyst

    I know it's normal (well for me anyway )for my breasts to get bigger & b really tender but this time they r much more painful than they have ever been with my other pregnancys.When i sit up in bed in the morning it feels like the pain is draining down into the centre of my breasts(sorry can't think how else to describe it).And i have to sit still for a moment & wait for the pain to subside before i get up.Does anyone else have this or is it just me?
    I do have a small cyst in my left breast which has been checked recently & the docs have said it's fine & nothing to worry about but it is very painful ,more so with the pregnancy.Is the cyst going to affect breastfeeding at all?
    TIA for any help anyone can give me

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    hi artemis, im no sure if the cyst will affect bf maybe just with your level of comfort rather than affecting the actual milk production. just speak to your dr with your concerns and they should be able to give you an answer- well hopefully

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