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    angelique Guest


    Hi guys,

    Can you tell me where abouts you felt these cramps? Do they range from the uterus to the vaginal bone? I am confused as to weather I am getting my periods or it is the baby growing??


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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    angelique the cramps I experience are mainly in my lower tummy around the hip bones area and every now and then there is just a dull pain across my entire belly. I get some back pain too but that may be because of my retroverted uterus.

    It is hard cause these cramps feel similar to AF cramps so I am constantly checking.

    Good luck.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2004

    Firstly Congratulations on your pregnancy \/

    My obstetrician said that any cramping you get during pregnancy is very normal, as long as there is no bleeding.

    I got bad cramping for one whole week. It felt like AF was definatley on it's way. After that the cramping got very mild and was just on and off. Even now I still get cramping, twinges, tugs and pulls.

    I think especially if it is your first pregnancy you would notice these symptoms more because it has not been stretched before.

    If there is no bleeding then I wouldn't worry. Just enjoy

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005

    Hi there All

    Just thought I'd throw my 5 cents in....

    I'm one of these lovely people that knew I was pregnant pretty much the minute we conceived - i started to vomit and hurl (sorry TMI) from 2 days in - unfortunately at that point no pregnancy test known to man kind could have picked up my pregnancy (trust me i tried) - so i had to wait the agonising 3 weeks to find out - during this time I felt such discomfort that I just thought it was bad period pain even though i was not due at that point - looking back that was definitely implantation discomfort at it's finest.

    Having said all of this and bearing in mind that every pregnancy is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo different from the other i have suffered from what i can only call "period pain" since the beginning even after 18 weeks i still suffer from time to time (more often than not)

    So i suppose the one thing to keep in mind during this really hard (exciting) and emotional state that we find ourselves in is that no matter what we do (as long as it is politically correct) during pregnancy if the beautiful little bub doesn't want to come to our lives at this time there is absolutely nothing, you me or any doctor can do to save it - this may seem a little abrupt but i've had to take this approach as I'm having a rather "difficult" pregnancy and this is what i have to keep telling myself so that i can sleep at night....trust me the worry has kept me up to all hours - all you can do is stay positive, pray if that's what works for you and have the support of the people around you that matter

    I hope this help relieve some anxieties and gives you a little peace of mind

    Good Luck to all the expecting mums and good luck to all the mums to be

    di xxx O

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    angel_eyes Guest

    I have been getting very slight cramping in my sides when I sneeze or stretch.

    I asked my OB this morning and he said not to worry. Everything is stretching and growing in there and it's normal.

    He did say to support my tummy when I sneeze which I've been doing & it helps.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2004

    angel_eyes- I have been getting that after sneezing and coughing too, and yes indead the holding does help/prevent it.

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    getinmybelly!! Guest

    well my cramping has stopped pretty much...I hope thats normal????

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    angelique Guest

    Hi getinmybelly!!

    Maybe it has stopped for a while but will come back or maybe your uterus has stretched enough for your buba and will stretch at the next stage. I know lots of girls that get no stretching whatsoever.

    Maybe ask your doc if you are worried but I think your fine. (I know it is hard not to worry).

    Have a nice weekend


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
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    Sep 2004
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    This is my 4th pg and I am also getting loads of cramping and funny twinges. I get some absolute rip-roaring ones especially at night, some enough to wake me up. I also get them if I sneeze, cough or turn around too fast (wth?)

    I twitch to call my Dr and ask him if it's okay for me to be getting these, but in my heart of hearts, I remember getting them with my other kids too. So I slap myself and tell myself that I'm being a paranoid nelly.

    Luckily you girls make me feel normal! Glad to know I'm not the only paranoid one!


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    BellyBelly Member

    Jul 2005


    I too had crapms early on. Felt like AF was coming for most of the time. I still get them every 2 weeks or so, only they are a bit lighter and dont really cause any discomfort.

    When you think about it, so much is going on there and things are growing so fast... it would be crazy to think you wouldnt feel any of it... get me?

    take care

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    Mandimoo Guest

    Congratulations on your pregnancy... I too had cramps at the start and before i found out i was pregnant i had them so bad i thought i was getting my period, i got told its the ligaments and all that stretching by the doctor, if they get really painful id see a doc just to rule anything else out.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2004

    I had cramps until about 15-18 weeks pregnant. Joy joy joy!