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Thread: Doctor rant

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    I hope everything is still OK at your scan on Wednesday. Like the dr said - you could be miscarrying, but that totally does not excuse his deplorable behaviour. How disgusting for him to behave like that!
    If you can still feel that things are OK, thats great. Cling to that cause your little bubba needs all the positive vibes it can get right now!

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    hi Tara,

    What anterrible dr. I really do hope that everything goes gr8 for you. It sounds like you have had a rough time. It's good to see you stand up to him, especially when he was being rude and inconsiderate man.

    My thoughts r with youfor you that everything will b ok!!!

    Take care.


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    Thankyou for your kind thoughts and support.

    I don't think he was really that horrid, he was looking at it from a scientific point of view more than anything, and he's male and doesn't understand that even though this might have been not a 'baby' in medical terms, it is a baby to me. Not an embryo or fertised egg. And he's probably seen heaps of this.

    I asked him that if the vaginal bleeding is from the mass rupturing and bleeding and he said no, that the only place the blood is coming from is the uterus which is why he thinks I'm m/cing.

    But everything I've read says that's one of the signs of a cyst rupture! So I'm thinking that that is what is going on for sure.

    I'm just angry, probably unjustified, that he's suggesting I'm having a m/c. I guess I'm angry about that not at him, he's just being a medical professional.

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    Tara, good luck for tomorrow and I hope that you see your baby. I don't think your anger is unjustified at all. I believe you are doing what anyone would do...the power of positive thinking unless you have an absolute reason or proof to believe IYKWIM? He may have been JUST doing his job, however, another part of their job is to LISTEN to you...the patient...and to address your concerns and what you are saying and without any absolute proof he can NOT tell you for sure that this is what is happening to you. You do know your body better than anyone else. Every person is different, every pregnancy is different and I truly hope and pray for you that your little bubby is hanging in there.

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