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Thread: Excercise

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    Leah Guest


    Hi Ambah,

    Well I know now to ask the midwives about Pregnastics if they don't mention it to me at my first appt.
    I am hoping it is not just a program that Brisbane are running in there hospitals.
    If worst comes to worst I think I will just get some of the v ideos/dvd's like you suggested.
    How old is Aidyn?
    Bye for now Leah

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    Hi Leah!
    Goodluck with your searching! Let me know how it goes!
    Another suggestion I have is if they don't hold classes at your hospital, then maybe speak to one of physiotherapists - they might know of some classes outside of the hospital (ie. at a gym) or give you other ideas about what you can do...

    Aidyn is just over 4 months old now O

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    Leah Guest


    Hi Ambah,

    Thanks I will let you know for sure. Gym's yeah they also run low impact classes for pg ones. Otherwise aqua aerobics I have herad is really good too.
    Take care and I hope Aidyn is going really well. Leah

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