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Thread: First Visit - not happy

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    Default First Visit - not happy

    I had my first visit to the hospital today i was under the impression i was going to get given a tour of the hospital and get checked out as well....umm wow was i wrong!
    I am 10 weeks today anyway went to the hospital had a visit with one of the midwives she chatted about my previous pregnancies and any problems etc then that was it
    Told me to come back in 5 weeks for a visit with the Doctor to dicuss what options i have ie if i want shared care or midwife care etc etc

    Umm i am lost, usually you get your BP tested dont you and they attempt to listen to bubs heartbeat? Its only been two years since i had dd so cant imagine things have changed that drastically!

    I havent been there before last bubs was at sandringham and ds was at monash in moorabbin but i would have thought i got a tour at least as i did with the last two bubs ohh and the first bubs as well even though it was what seems years ago!

    Maybe i should have said something but i was kinda angry when i got out of there and dd and ds were angry too lol

    Oh this is at monash anyhow in clayton by the way

    ohh another thing i thought was wierd why she didnt do my blood pressure i have been feeling utter crap (very head achey and head spins etc)
    and i have to arrange my ultrasounds via my normal GP as i want to had the 11 week scan due to medication i have been on etc
    she told me anything that wasnt pregnancy related to see my GP which i understand but these headaches have only been happening this week so thought it might be related somehow grrr sorry forgot to ad this bit lol

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    When i booked in with DD at MMC -Clayton i never got a tour...(only in birthing classes i got that), but they did do BP, Urine and heart beat.....

    Im going back there for this one so i will see what i get?

    Hey ur due a day b4 me... maybe we will be roomies....LOL

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    At my first midwife appointment when I was 10 weeks, we just went through my medical history . She did take my blood pressure but she didnt try to listen to bubs heartbeat though. We didnt have a tour until we did antenatal classes.

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    wow things have changed i know i used to get like 4 weekly check ups till a certain point with my other bubs but thought Bp was important anyhow
    thanks guys and yeah mght be roomies lol if mine comes on time!

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    Im going to Box Hill - sounds the same although they i think they should have checked BP and urine. I had 6 weekly until 28 weeks and havent had a tour yet although you can go in on a set day for one.
    Good luck with it all!

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    It sounds fairly normal to me....
    With DD I did hospital care and I didn't even have my first appointment until I was 13 weeks, they wouldn't see anyone before then.
    First appointment was a medical history chat with a midwife. Even at 13 weeks they didn't try to listen to the heartbeat - I think I was closer to 16 weeks before they started doing that.
    I didn't have the hospital tour until 30-something weeks.
    Early appointments are always a bit disappointing I think but the truth is there's not really much they can do that early ...

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    yeah i understand that they cant do anything much i know they cant hear anything anyway just seemed really impersonal to me, but ds was transferred there when i had him at moorabbin due to problems with his kidneys etc and care wise they were great
    I guess i will wait and see, just had bad vibes

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    Phew! Am i happy to hear that this process is normal! I was feeling the exact same way as Storm, except i was 13 weeks for my first antenatal. I had the BP Test and Urine Test but they didnt try to find the baby's heart beat. I was really concerned about this as i had to have an 8week scan due to a 'scare' and wont be having another one till 19weeks. I was like, woah! I want to know something now at least, im not waiting 10 weeks! So i rang up a couple of days later and asked for the results from my Urine Test. This has set my mind at ease a little, but i still would've preferred for them to listen for a heart beat. I think my next midwife app. will be around 16weeks. I think i will be demanding it by then!!!

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    they dnt usually try and listen to the hb till 14 - 16 weeks coz alot of the time they can't find it that early (even at 14 weeks its hard) and that can freak ppl out understandably.. also i booked into the hospital and they don't wanna see me for another two weeks by which point i will be almost 16 weeks and i just see my gp for now... get urself a good gp if u are worried because mine does things like bp and gives me referals for scans and things so i don't need the hospital.. as well as that i have been informed that my first ante natal appt at the hospital (when i will be 16 wks) will just be an interview about medical history and the pregnancy so far and wont include anything else so try not to feel bad hey

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    No dr wanted to see o r talk to me till after 14wks till I got put with a new dr who is lovely and listens to my needs and took all the proper tests and blood pressures etc as for the hospital though i rung to ask if they do tours and they said they only really "concern" themselves with ppl about 20wks onwards for that sort of thing

    Is it just me or do they seem to want to fob you off till you pass the first trimester and if you don't m/c then they will give u the time of day?

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    Yep, sounds normal too. Here, if you are seeing a GP as well, you don't even go to the hospital till 22 weeks, that's the FIRST appointment. If you aren't seeing a GP, it's still not till 16 weeks. They basically don't want to know about you till then. And they don't usually check BP and urine till after 25 weekish I've found in the past unless you mention anything that makes them think they should check it.

    Also, they don't offer tours as part of AN visists, you usually organize those through a separate section of the hospital, usually the same ones that do the AN classes, and you book one then. Often they say to wait till after 30 weeks to go on it.

    It sounds like your hospital is being a big more cautious than the norm by having you in at 10 weeks, most of us are ignored for a while yet lol

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