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Thread: giving up a very bad habit

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    I was a pack a day smoker for 10 years and quit quite a few months before i became pregnant - I read Allan Carrs The easy way to quit smoking, i highly recommend it! I tried lots of things that didnt work and after reading it i put out the last smoke, and never looked back, i had a few cravings but nothing so bad that i couldnt deal with and the book dealt with all the stuff smokers tell themselves in their head about smoking liek you wont have fun,wont cope with stress etc. Well worth it even when not pg and 100 times more so with your little bubby!
    Good luck!! You can do it!

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    I wish you good luck, but I know what you really want is that magic wand, I know coz I have been there.

    I gave up smoking (the first time ) as soon as I fell pregnant with my first as I was really sick with M/S, so in all honesty it was very easy. I wasn't smoking when I fell pregnant with my second.

    Stupidly I took the habit back up when my second was about 2 and was smoking right up until just before I found out I was pregnant again. I took a totally different approach and I had been dreading giving up but so desperately wanted to give up for good, not just for my future pregnancy, but for myself. I found that as I was getting older, I could tell the effect it was having on my body (wheezing, shortness of breath etc) and that scared me as I believe the habit will catch up with you at some point. Some are luckier than others, but I wasn't planning on finding out where I would sit in the ranks of being a smoking survivor.

    Anyhow, this is how I did it this time with no morning sickness to help me along. It may sound weird, but I can honestly say, despite being only a "non-smoker" for only about 9 weeks, I have done it considerably easy and without too much trouble. I know that this time I won't ever take it back up too!

    1. I got it in my head that if I didn't give up I would be effected health wise somehow and I wasn't about to find out if it was going to be life threatening or just a hinderance. I started to think about all the different types of assistance and I knew whether or not it would be a "help" for me, not many appealed....... so

    2. I found a CD which is a subliminal message CD targeted for giving up smoking. I played it on repeat all night, every night. It wasn't a problem as it is just beach sounds, and my husband and I quite liked it, you don't hear any words but it worked wonders with me. Apparently it is a bit like hypnotisim. It is recommended that you listen to it for 30mins for 30 days, I decided 8 hours every night while I slept would be better. After the first night I already felt different about smoking and thought to my self the next time I went to light up "I don't want this". I was shocked it was so simple. I still had the adiction cravings so I still continued to smoke but in the following way.

    3. I started to cut back the "mg" I bought. Each week I went down to the next strength. I didn't get too hard on myself, bit like I didn't want to say "no" to myself incase I rebelled! I also didn't acknowledge that I was smoking when I was, and I told others not to say "smoke" around me. I don't know why, but it helped not to "hear" about it. I also told everyone who bugged about smoking to leave me alone as I was on "a program", little did they know it was "my program", but it meant they left me alone or asked me how I was going!

    4. I found I was smoking less without trying (all down to the subliminal CD) and as I was going down in strength I was finding I wasn't physcially addicted as much as before. I continued until I was down to 1mg in strength (and this was simplier than I thought it would be), still listening to CD all night on repeat.

    5. Then I had to take the final plunge of giveing up altogether. I will tell you right now, I just did it, and I didn't miss or crave smoking. I believe it is because of the way I gave up, in my own way. I think "my program" can be adapted to everyone's needs, and I say that with having passed on "my program" to others with success. There is no cost involved except the CD, and if you do a google on subliminal CD's you should find one, if not let me know and, I will have a look at the name of mine (I purchased it in a new age type store) the rest is down to you WANTING to give up.

    I am doing really well, I drink more water, I didn't substitute food for smoking (I think that is down to the CD also) and although I sometimes think "I am meant to be doing something" I realise it WAS smoking and I am not a smoker so I forget about it.

    I hope that you find some help with everyone. If you want to ask me anything please do, I know it is really hard especially with others around you (I didn't go near them and eventually they just didn't smoke near me) that smoke, and it seems like a huge feat to overcome, but it really can be done. Remember so many people have given up and when you do it (which you can) you will be so proud of yourself, you will be amazed at how much money is in the bank and that you get so much more time to do things. Not to forget a healthier baby!!!!!!
    Best of Luck

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    I wish you the best of luck in you endeavour with giving up the ciggies.
    I smoked through my first pregnancy. My OB said to keep it under 10 per day as he said it could cause me more stress to try to give up at that point and that is what I did until it came close to the end and my relationship was falling apart. My DS doesn't seem to have suffered from it but I will always feel a little guilty for not having given up then.
    Since then I met my new, wonderful DH who doesn't smoke and after being with him for 18 months we got engaged and I decided I wanted to give up before we tried to have children. I tried patches but too soon discovered that you could just take them off to have a smoke.....
    Zyban was my saviour, I don't even remember it being difficult to give up. I still feel the odd urge but I know too many who have given in to that and are now full time smokers again and there is no way I ever want to go back to it.
    The biggest mind shift was realising that not having the cigarette was not going to kill me - having it probably would eventually.
    Best wishes to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ME2006 View Post
    The biggest mind shift was realising that not having the cigarette was not going to kill me - having it probably would eventually.

    hey i never thought of it that way before.. i think thats great..

    and also Elle i will think about your story, as I think that doing it in your own time is about the only way i can do it.

    thanks everyone for your support.

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