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Thread: Growing Pains???

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    Default Growing Pains???

    Hi There,
    Im 6wks 4 days, first time preggers but have had the worst abdominal pains/cramping which leave my abdominal muscles feeling very strained and sore, I saw my GP and my HCG lvls are normal and no spotting so isn't a miscarriage but couldnt tell me anymore? some people have told me it is because im quite small currently going from a size 6-8 but I have not heard of this before... has anyone else had these stretching growing pains and so early on?

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    Hey there Natalia,

    congrats on the PG! I have friend who's quite slender, and she had very bad cramping through her first trimester - I don't remember exactly when it started, but I think it was quite similar to you. She was quite worried about it at times, and went to have a scan. Similar to you, she also had no spotting. She's gone on to be absolutely fine (30+ weeks now!), so assumed it was just one of the odd little "joys" of PG!

    All the best for a H&H PG!

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    Maybe your body is adjusting to the changes in hormones atm? It is a crazy time for your body, really. Hopefully someone with some professional knowledge will be in soon to talk to you. Congrats on your pregnancy and all the best for a H&H 9 months!

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    Thats comforting thanks Belfie, I have been pretty concerned about it and its so nice to hear Im not alone! happy PG to you also

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    I had the same thing but for 17 weeks... You will be fine.. my OBGYN says totally normal!

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    Im only 4wks pregnant and have been having cramping were it hurts to cough and sometimes uncomfortable to walk, i asked my doctor today if it was right and she said its completely normal, so ive stopped myself from stressing about it and am just going to enjoy the ride

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    As the others have said, it is completely normal. Just bubby making room in there and getting comfy!!

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    NATALIA... I still get bad cramping & I'm nearly 19weeks. My friend also had horrific cramping until 12wks. She just managed with a hot water bottle. She's now nursing a beautiful baby boy.... Maybe it's a boy thing.... Good luck.

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