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    Vicky Guest

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    I need to ask a really dumb blond question - how come I keep reading about what levels of HCG some ladies are? (Does that even make sense?) How? Is there a test you can measure your own?
    I woke up last night buy a wrong number and noticed my BB were not tender, I even poke at the nipples and felt nothing. That sent me into a panic attack where I sat on the bathroom floor and cried for 1/2 hour. Then I could not get back to sleep and now I feel like crap. DP said in his very reassuring tone that maybe this happens occaissionally and maybe I have never noticed it before. They feel sore this morning but not as firm. I took metamucal last early last week (just the once) and I have not been constipated since. Am I lucky or is this a sign of things going bad. I prayed and begged for my baby to stay with me last night. I cannot see my OB for weeks and feel abit alone in all this at the moment. My GP keeps telling me the first trimester is easy and I should not worry...I'm not worried, I am starting to panic coz I don't need to go down 'that road' for the third time.

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    just moving to first trimester general discussion....

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    Melinda Guest


    Vic, I'm sorry to hear that you're so worried ATM! I'm sure there is no reason for concern.

    HCG is what the pregnancy tests detect - so when you get a positive HPT, it's because it has detected HCG in your urine. To find out exactly what your levels are requires a beta HCG blood test. One blood test on it's own really doesn't tell you much though - you need serial testing in order to see a rising trend, which is a good indication that things are going as they should. Mind you, your HCG levels can still rise and there be problems with the PG, but that's beyond the scope of your question and not a common situation in any event. It's for this reason, that u/s are a much better indication as to the progress of a PG, but in the very first few weeks of PG, HCG testing can help set your mind at ease some.

    It's not normal to have HCG testing done however. I have only been having it done as I have a history of m/c and therefore find that I need that extra reassurance.

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    Vicky Guest


    Thanks Melinda for your feedback. I will see how I go over the next 24 hrs and if I feel the same I am going to the doctor on Monday arvo. My breasts are a little tender this arvo but I have not been going to the bathroom as much as I was. It is just little things I've noticed, maybe I am being paranoid. With my first M/C, the first indication I had was at 11 weeks when I had brown spotting and it was nearly three days later before I actually started cramping and bleeding. With my last one, it came out of no where, pain and all. DP feels I am worried because my first baby would be due on the 15th of this month. Sometimes I get so confused as to how on earth PG is meant to be the best thing to happen to us women yet it comes with so much stress, anxiety and heart break.

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    Melinda Guest


    Have you had a look in the Pregnancy after Miscarriage & Loss Forum? There are several girls currently in the monthly thread who are going through PG following a m/c or loss.

    Personally, I totally understand where you're coming from. I have suffered 3 m/c and I fully appreciate what a terribly stressful time this is for you!! That's where the PAML can be great - they are really understanding of each other and where they're at.

    Take care.

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    Hi Vicky,

    My BB have not been tender or sore for weeks. They were sore when i was bout 4-6ish weeks and thats it. They feel alot heavier but thats it. Everyones different. People get morning sickness. i havent. I had a few cramps a few weeks ago, but others dont get them. I know my mum had a very similar pg as i am atm so thats why im not too worried about not getting the symptoms. But one thing i know is you have to try and remain positive. This is my first pg so everythings different to me and im not sure what i am experiencing is what im suppose to feel or not.. but ive basically put it down to what happens will happen.. and for my baby's sake im trying to remain as positive as i can until im past the scarey stage..
    With the HPGs.. i had a blood test last week which showed my HPG levels. Im not too worried about monitoring as like i said, whatever is going to happen will.. If you are worried, talk to your doctor... thats what theyre there for..

    Good luck.. and keep positive

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    angelique Guest


    Hi Vicky,

    I am with you about the sore breasts. I was like that too. They would be sore somethimes and then not at all. That really scared me as well but eventually other as time goes on you feel better about it. Just hang in there and try not to stress. I know it is hard. I found the first trimester to be the most stressful. There is no way to make it easier, u just have to take it one day at a time.

    Try hard to think positive thoughts and soon enough you wont need to remind yourself.

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    Vicky Guest


    Kellxx & Angelique Thank you so much for your replies. I feel good today and the tenderness is back - god bless it. I feel quite positve today and have also just found out another girl here at work is a month a head of me. This is great coz now I have someone to chat to throughout the day. Thanks heaps.

    I figured everything was okay yesterday arvo when I was watching 'Who's line is it anyway' on pay tv. DP and I were practically falling off the lounge roaring with laughter and then I burst in to tears crying. \/

    Once again, thanks heaps ladies. Have a great week.

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    angelique Guest


    Hi Vicky,

    Boy, does it help when you know someone who is pregnant or who has gone through it before. It sure helped me with everything!!

    Glad that all is better. Our bodies are strange arent hey?

    Hang in there.


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