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Thread: Help...Foul taste in mouth!

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    Thumbs down Help...Foul taste in mouth!

    I have this really horrible taste in my mouth, its truly disgusting and i cant get rid of it! Its been there for two days I have brushed my teeth 6 times today and it only goes away for about 5 mins and then its back, i have also been chewing gum, but gee there's only so much chewing my jaw can take

    Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this?

    Also i didnt have this with my last pregnancy, is it just another pregnancy symptom or could it be that i am taking Megafol 5? A stronger Folic acid tablet.

    Its driving me up the wall

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    I dont know the reason behind it but i had it with both of my pg's. A real metalic taste. I used to by mints and eat them all day. Much the same as gum i suppose so sorry no i dont have any real tips on dealing with it. Mine did improve though once i was out of the 1st trimester. At least you can brush your teeth- i had MS so severe i'd throw up every time i brushed guaranteed

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    Hi Jess,

    I had this too, for about the 1st 20 weeks, and it's truly disgusting. The bad news is that I didn't find anything that got rid of it, the good news was that it eventually went away of its own accord, about the same time as my m/s subsided.

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    It can be pg related - a lot of women have what can be descirbed as a metallic taste, like blood or copper/brass taste...I had it also.
    But I also got very bad gingivitus (sp?) whilst pg too, so often it WAS actually blood! lol even just a little can taste horrid.
    If the gum gets rid of it, ace! Just keep in mind that most chewing gum can have laxative effect with prolonged use

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    I remember this too

    A real metallic taste - my grandmother said you got it if you were carrying a boy... but I think its just an old wives tale ... Although I DID have a boy

    I do remember it getting that bad one day that I peeled an onion and ate it like an apple in an attempt to have ANY other taste in my mouth

    Very sad, I know!

    I couldn't get rid of it - and I blame a lot of my m/s on it - I'm sure it was that taste that made me even have the morning sickness.

    Good news is that it was gone as soon as I hit the 12 weeks... and my morning sickness went with it

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    I also had the same thing happen before my bubba left us at 8 weeks. It started around the same time as my morning sickness. I had really bad nausea 24/7, but no vomitting, so I can't actually blame it on vomitting. At first I thought it was because my nausea was so bad that I couldn't eat, and maybe it had something to do with not eating. But even when I forced myself to eat it would come back straight away.

    If the gum starts to hurt your jaw or causes a laxative effect, maybe sugarless hard candy to suck on might help? Or try to find a healthier alternative to candy that you can suck on or nibble on over time?

    Good luck!!

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