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Thread: How often do people lose the second twin??

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    Unhappy How often do people lose the second twin??

    Okay, I thought I was doing ok. But I'm just not. I constantly pull out my ultrasound, to check Little Bubba out again, and see the heartbeat chart, and I love it. But I always pull out the other scan, and look at Mini Bean too

    This is very different to when it happened with my 3rd bub. At my doc app, I was told my uterus was very large, and she wanted a scan. We have twins in the family. A few days before the scan, I had a very heavy bleed, and they said to come in when it had stopped and they would make sure it was "all clear". I went in thinking I had lost my Bubba. Only for them to find a good little bub, but one lost one, almost completly gone, just a little muck left. So I never really felt that loss, just too happy I still had a Bubba!!!

    But going so early, I have "seen" this one. The sac may be funny shape, but it is very much there, and very real now. I am dealing with this ok I think.

    BUT, I cant stop feeling a bad feeling about my Little Bubba . I am more upset that he wont stay either, than I am about the Mini Bean, and that makes me feel so horrible.. I just cant shake the feeling that if mini bean leaves, rather than reabsorbing, he'll take Little Bubba too....

    It feels SO stressing, just waiting....

    I know my 3rd pregnancy bub stayed, and is perfect, but will I be so lucky again??? How many women go on to keep their 2nd twin??

    Sorry this ended up so long....I would like to post my ultrasound pic, so you can see both my bubs before one leaves, but I dont know how...I feel I need to acknowledge minibean too, so I can concentrate on Little Bubba...

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    firstly- honey congrats on BFP im so happy for you all.

    Before I fell pg with Mateauz I lost twins. I m/c the first one on friday and the second one of the tuesday. I dont know if that helps with what your asking but the doc said that apparently it is very common.

    I very jealous that you have a pic of the both of them..I never got that chanch...I just got to see (via u/s) the little indents they had left in my womb and heart. Ive had several m/c but I cant shake the twins one. I think of them consantly.

    Mauw babe

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    I can't help, but am wishing you sticky vibes for bubba.

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    i am soo sorry for your loss
    it does happen a bit- but b/c alot of people do not go for u/s until 12 weeks, often it happens without people knowing.
    If you feel you need to speak to other people that have been through the same thing, please feel free to PM me as i am on another forum as well that has a saturary for mums who have lost either one or both their twins.
    take care of yourself and even though your bubba did not reach its full potential, s/he lives on in your heart .
    take care

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    It's such a bittersweet experience when this happens

    My best friend is currently about 10 weeks and the same thing happened to her. She had a very early scan at almost 6wks and there were two babies, a few days later she started spotting. Had another scan about a week later and one of her twins wasn't growing. It reabsorbed and her other little one is doing beautifully.

    I think it is really important to acknowledge what you've lost, it's especially hard for other people (and even sometimes for you) to "get" what you're grieving for when you still have one baby...but you're just as entitled to those feelings as anyone else who loses a pregnancy

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    I found out in september of last year that i was having twins as we did IVF.
    We were so execited and i started buying thing straight away having to buy for two.
    We were getting scans every week because of it being a high risk pregnancy.
    Our dreams were smashed at my 8weeks scan when we found out baby B had no heart beat and had stopped growing.
    I was so so upset these things just dont happen to me but it did and i had to deal with it.
    I still had one very healthy baby to think about but it just didnt seem important all i wanted was my other baby.
    It was hard having future scans and seeing the sack. The sack never came away and it stayed attached to my other sack for the rest of my pregnancy.
    3 weeks ago i gave birth to a very healthy baby girl so my story has a beautiful ending
    but i still think about my little rose bud that never bloomed and one day i will tell my daughter the story that she was once a twin.
    I had my first scan photo with the two sacks framed and i hung it up on her wall and its beautiful,it just gives me some sence of peace.
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    I lost 1 baby this time, I am just trying to concentrate on the baby that is still in there..

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    I'm sorry for your loss hun I really hope this pregnancy stays the full run & they stick nice and tight in there...

    I don't know much about losing 1 baby and the other one staying, But, I do hear it alot and the woman go on full term with the baby....

    I wish you a H&H 9 months and many months after full of joy...

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