thread: I'm new to this! tests / scans / ??????

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    Thanks JDX and Satya. The 'to do' list is great!! I'm a BIG list maker!! I think that's why I've been panicking so much. The CVS tests are chorionic villus sampling which are done like an amnio at 11 weeks. They have to anaylse the baby's genes to determine whether it has a full mutation of the condition I carry. For that reason I think DH and I don't really want to do anything too early to try not to become to attached to the idea of being parents (although that's easier said than done).We made a decision years ago when we knew about my situation that we wouldn't tell anyone until we knew that every thing was ok at 13 weeks.So it's really hard! And for that reason it feels like we're tempting fate to have doc appointments and scans/ hospital visits booked in until after then. Silly, but that's the way I am.
    I guess I'm going to have to just get on with it but I'm pretty nervous.
    Thanks for the advice. I'll be brave and see the doc next week.... I think!

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    I found it hard to get excited also because I was told by my gynae that I'd never conceive naturally due to both tubes being blocked from endometriosis.

    I did a HPT (4 of them!) on a Wednesday, went to my GP on Thursday and said "I think I'm pregnant but how is that possible with my endo?" She said "Never say never, we'll get you a scan to make sure it's not ectopic". She wrote up a referral and I got an appointment at the ultrasound place the next day on the Friday. They weren't checking for heartbeat at that stage only checking to see where the gestational sac was located. This scan cost me nothing as they bulk billed. I had another one 3 weeks later at 8 weeks to see the heartbeat and confirm dates. This was at the same place so didn't have to pay as they bulk billed again.

    Since all was good from then I went back to GP and got a referral to my obstetrician, called the hospital to get all the paperwork sent out. My ob did my referral for my NT scan at 12 weeks. This cost $160 and on my invoice it stated that no refund from medicare was available. SKG had told me about this saying that Medicare will only rebate if you have a high risk and you need the NT scan.

    It's really hard isn't it to know what's going on at times? Good luck with your appointment and tests. Looking at the bright side if you organised all your hospital visits, appointments scans now and everything does turn out to be ok, then you have all that done and out of the way!

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    Hi LOl,
    I was one of the ones JDX said went for an early scan, I was that early i didnt see a heartbeat BUT it did tell me dates etc. My u/s said i was 5 days behind although we are going by LMP anyways. I would be going to your GP and getting confirmation, then asking for a referral to have a scan, going for an early scan and then ringing up and making an appointment with the hospital for your specialist. So then he can organise your scan that NEEDS to be done @ 11wks.

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    Thanks again everyone.
    I've checked out the letter I got from the specialist back in Aug.after our meeting that detailed what we discussed and what we would need to do if we got pregnant, and it says in the actual letter that I need to ask the GP for a dating scan so do you think if we take that along to the appointment we would need to pay? Would the dating scan be classed as a 'requirement' do you think?? Hope so!
    I'm going to see the docs next week (fingers crossed it sticks!) and see how it goes. They don't do blood tests and stuff at the first appointment with a GP do they?? Is it just a chat about LMP dates?
    Sorry...more questions!!
    Thanks again ladies. It's so nice to be able to talk to someone about it!

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    hi lol,

    i'm not sure about the medicare thing - i've had to pay $195 for my scan, plus for 4 GP visits, and the NT scan next week i've been quoted $270. i don't have private health cover and i've been told that medicare only cover one 1st trimester scan, but i could be wrong? maybe ring medicare on that or get your GP to send you to a ultrasound place that bulkbills

    as for when do they take blood - mine did when i brought the hospital forms in, but other girls in my bellybuddies had it done on their 1st visit... so it''ll be up to your own GP. Also depends if they have a nurse in your medical centre or if they refer you to a pathology lab... Just take all your info to your GP, and prepare yourself for a needle just in case

    jessie x

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    Thanks again JDX.
    I've booked an appointment with GP for Monday so I'll hopefully feel a little wiser after that!
    Have a good weekend all!

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    Hi Lol, glad that you've booked your appointment with the doctor. I'm sure if you have any concerns or questions they will be able to help you out.

    Wow, I am amazed at how much some people are getting charged for the NT scans!! I paid $155... Because I didn't have a dating scan earlier on in the pregnancy I got them to tell me when I'm due as well.


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