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Thread: Ist pregnancy need support & advice!

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    Sal Guest


    Ah it all sounds good, rae! Re the dating u/s, the other thing I wanted to mention was that if an abdominal one didn't give a clear picture (this will depend on how far along you are, how large you are etc etc) then if you were willing to try the internal probe the sonographer will let you put it in. I'm not trying to sell this to you, just want you to know that it really is not that bad, just icky to think of.

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    That could make it easier-- having control over it would be better I think, I can kind of psych myself into it-- I must confess I imagined it to be really large, I was with a girlfriend many years ago who had an internal one done and I remember thinking it looked huge! Ha ha maybe I have built it up in my memory.

    Still waiting for the receptionist to ring back.

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    Sal Guest


    [email protected]!! receptionist!

    Hehehe I know what you mean building up in memory, I remember seeing a penis in a porn magazine when I was at primary school (some boys had found one in a paddock) and I was shocked and horrified at how huge they were! Well of course, being porn they were huge, but my memory is that they were the size of our forearm or bigger! Seriously, the probe ending is no where near as wide as the speculums are.

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    I think my hormones are making me unreasonable! I am having a total freak out. I have just been looking through the dates of my last 5 months AF arrivals. They are just all over the place and I can't help feeling that a few of the very early or late AF arrivals were actually miscarriages that I didn't pick up on. I didn't POAS every cycle, if I AF arrived I often didn't. I know I did a few times, I wish I had have written this stuff down!

    I got a BFN on the day I thought AF was due. A week later, as I discussed in my first post, I had heavy bleeding and a week or so after that a BFP! So-- with my levels being so low, and me just freaking out looking at information about what is happening to the baby if I am about 6 or 7 weeks I am starting to wonder if maybe I did concieve on 6th May, not 12 April. Could a HPT pick up a pregnancy after only 5 days? It doesn't seem possible, but my levels are so low they indicate earlier pregnancy.

    I am so confused and looking back through my AF arrivals, I had a similar thing happen after Christmas and my next few cycles are between 31and 10 days, when I was always 24 for years. So I am worried that I will lose this pregnancy in a few weeks time! I wouldn't have known if any of the other late cycles were miscarriages which means this one may end up the same way!

    *sigh* I think I have way too much spare time on my hands!

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    I am feeling better now. These hormones are quite something! I spoke to DH who was so sweet and reassuring and very pleased that I will be having a dating ultrasound next week to clear up the dates.

    I think after I saw a picture of a foetus at 6 or 7 weeks I started freaking out. I had no idea they were so complex and advanced. I was imagining a mass of cells-- or something. It suddenly became impossible in my mind that I had one of those and that I'd keep it! Hee.

    Anyway. Back to calm.

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    Sal Guest


    ah good that you have a sweet and reassuring DH! hmmm you could be right about past m/c but this is all looking good for this one! perhaps your pg isn't as far along as you think!

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    Sal Guest


    Hi rae, I hope everything is going well for you

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    Hiya sal, I have moved my moaning and worrying to the January 1-15th thread!

    The story goes like this: levels still increasing (YAY!) but still very low (BOO!). I found out that they were increasing after a very stressful day waiting to hear from the GP. I finally heard from the doctor while on public transport (not a great place to go into detail!) anyway that was yesterday and I had some brownish discharge last night and freaked out, but only the once really just when I wiped and then again once thismorning only less. So I am feeling very up and down but am having an ultrasound tomorrow to clear the whole thing up, is there a baby with a heart beat? Is it younger than I thought or do I just have low hcg levels? Is this spotting becuase AF would have been due and the low levels mean a bit of breakthrough bleeding? I guess I will find out in the next few days.

    Thanks for checking on me!

    ETA: Miles is my prefered boy name too I adore it, but DH doesn't love it. I am working on him though!

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    Sal Guest


    Goodluck let me know how you go.

    And yes, Miles is a gorgeous name, not very common!

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    Bad news. No little Miles for me. No babe, no sac just low pregnancy hormones creeping up and a phantom baby that may or may not be an ectopic pregnancy. So I have to wait and see what the levels do, if they continue to go up then I'll have either a laparoscopy to have a look around or an injection of chemotherapy stuff to clear things out. They can't see anything in my ovaries so I am hoping that I will have a drop in hormones and a big bleed and it will sort itself out.

    Blah. Thanks for all your answers and support and I hope to see you around next time I have a sticker!

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    Sal Guest


    Oh rae I'm so sorry to hear that . I hope that medically it sorts itself out. Emotionally, I hope you're doing OK (there's a miscarriage and loss forum, the ladies there have all been there and know a lot more about it than me).

    I'm going to keep an eye out for you in the preg announcements forum here, I hope to see you there real soon. Please take care

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    Rae i am so sorry to hear y our news

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    I had the laparoscopy and I did have an ectopic so I am very glad we went in for a look! I am very sore but my DH has been waiting on me hand and foot.

    I feel pleased about the outcome because it wasn't a baby yet, just rogue cells that could have made me very ill! They were able to save my fallopian tube which is great. I would rather this outcome than worrying and probably losing a baby in the next few weeks. Any way I'm going back to bed am doped up on forte!

    Thanks for all the best wishes and support!

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    Aww Rae I am so sorry.

    Thats great they were able to save your fallopian tube. Take it easy and take care.

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    goldilocks Guest


    Rae hon, I'm sorry that it was an ectopic pregnancy. But it's really wonderful news that they were able to save your tube!

    I'm glad to hear you sounding so happy, given the circumstances! I know it has been a terrible time for you but you have handled it with amazing strength and courage. It really has been inspiring to witness how you've dealt with such an emotional rollercoaster. I truly take my hat off to you.

    Take time to heal and I look forward to reading your progress in the TTC forums very soon!

    Thinking of you, hon


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