thread: Legs (calf pains)

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    Oct 2005

    Legs (calf pains)

    Now I've heard that cramps can be expected during pregnancy. both in the abdomen and the legs...

    I've had this horrible pain (but bearable) at the top of my calf muscle for the past 2 days.

    Is this meant to be normal...

    Its a pain like I've been to the gym and done a thousand calf raisers!!! OOOcchh...

    I've tried stretching and gentle massage...but to no avail it is still there.

    Yes I do wear high heels to I haven't any problems yet to warrant giving them up.

    Any suggestions

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    Oct 2004
    Back in Brisvegas :)

    Ness - have a chat to your GP/OB. Do you have any swelling in your ankles/feet? Oh, and bananas. I've been consuming them at the rate of knots and since have not had a single calf cramp/foot cramp.

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    Lee33 Guest

    Hi Ness,

    Ive been suffering from leg cramps too. The pain you are talking about that has lasted for 2 days.....Im thinking, could that be the result of a bad cramp you had 2 days ago? I know that if I have a bad one, then for the next day or so I do have a very sore calf muscle.

    My GP has advised me to lie with my legs raised for 1/2 hr before I go to bed, to drain the fluids that cause the cramps away from my legs, then to spend 5 mins doing calf stretches. Since I have been doing this, my cramps have eased off.

    Definately check with your Dr at your next checkup.

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    jaggard Guest

    I woke up when I was about 14 weeks pg with DS to the most unbearable pain in my calves. DH jumped out of bed and had to straighten my leg and massage it. It hurt like hell.

    I only had it the once but I've heard it is lack of magnesium.

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    Cramps is usually a result of lack of calcium. I had them during my 2nd preganancy. So start scoffing those dairy products I hated plain milk so my GP put me onto calcium tablets #-o


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    Oct 2004
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    I have a calcium deficiency myself...easiest way to know that is that you tend to get white spots on your lower legs and also on your fingernails. Just remember to eat as much dairy as you can; there are also pregnancy vitamins for calcium that you can take!

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    Jenny&Bump Guest

    Hi Ness,

    I have incredible cramp that is so painful it wakes me up in the night! As if the toilet breaks in the night weren't bad enough!

    I've been told lots of stretching before I go to bed and that magnesium helps so am trying to eat more whole grains, nuts, beans, seeds, fish, avocados, and leafy green vegetables.

    Good luck with it - I know where you're coming from !

    Take care

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    Oct 2005

    Hi all,

    Thanks for information, I thought I was getting enough calcium in my meals, but as the case was I wasn't.

    Since going on to supplements on Sat morning they have eased.

    Beckibee - No I haven't got any swelling of any kind yet....although I am sure to welcome it when it come along.


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    kerry Guest

    I was having horrific leg cramps until my OB/GP sent me along to the health food shop to get some tissue salts. These are like vitamin tablets and perfectly safe to have when pg (and not overly expensive)... anyway for the cramps I am having some calcium and magnesium based ones and also another lot for a bit of anxiety I was suffering. If you go to the health food shop they will be able to tell you which ones they are, silly pg brain can't remember.

    My Grandma's remedy, have at least one banana a day, no more cramps. I would do this except I still have m/s and can't even smell banana's.