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Thread: OMG Cravings, what are yours?????

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    This is a very yummy thread!
    I have been craving;
    * carrots
    * plain potato chips
    * milkshakes - vanilla - I pretend they are for Marnie but I have to have a sip

    I also loves really plain salads i.e. lettuce, carrots and cucumber which I have just had for tea - with lots of salt on the cucumber! Naughty me!

    But now I am really hungry for chips and gravy because so many of you wrote about potatoes.

    Sadly we have no potatoes in the house and DH is on nightshift and Marnie is I also have a very funny looking mask on trying to clear up my skin - it's gone feral this pregnancy.


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    Beef jerky and biltong sticks mmm and fatty things I can't have *whinge* lol

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    awwwww, salads! I've been craving alot of them too! Especially with french or italian dressing! lol

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