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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the First Trimester

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    lj268 Guest

    Hi all,

    Well at the moment I am in the TWW, but I have the feeling that maybe, just maybe that I could be pg???
    I have done a few tests, but all have come back BFN (my AF is not due until Sunday/Monday, and its Thursday now).
    I have the feeling of bigger BB's and the bloated tummy at the end of the day, also a horrid metallic taste in my mouth. Oh (this could be TMI) I have thick kind of CM, but not in any way blood stained like it is just before AF arrives?

    What do you guys think?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    lj268 - don't know..... I didn't have any of those symptoms before I tested positive. I have heard of that metallic taste but the only time I ever got it (one day) I wasn't pregnant that cycle, same thing went for nausea - only had that feeling just once when I wasn't pregnant. I had sensitive BB's and bleeding gums from about week 3 of this pregnancy and a nice big dip on 6&7DPO which gave it away for me. Oh and also a stuffy nose from week 3. I was really tired from week 3 to about 6. I feel like I've had no brain since about week 3 as well.... forget things all the time. Anyway I hope you are pregnant.

    In general, I've had no morning sickness whatsoever (I hope opening my mouth up about that doesn't doom me to get it for the rest of the pregnancy). My nipples have got bigger but BBs are about the same. I still have the stuffy nose and bleeding gums. My tiredness hit me again about a week ago. I've also had a couple of episodes of restless legs which is a really weird feeling. I'm off some food and almost vomit my vitamins when I try to take them most days and sometimes feel a little off at night but in general things are just great.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2007

    The metalic taste in the mouth is something that i have not experienced. Satya, i am in the same boat as you, and apart from sore bb's and the tiredness .... oh, and the forgetfulness!!!!!! i have come off relatively scott free.
    lj268 hope you get a BFP real soon! I tested on my due date, and got a neg, then tested 4 days later and a BFP was in the house. Don't get too obsesed with the testing though! that did my head in for the first year of trying!
    Mrs G

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    BellyBelly Member
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    Dec 2007

    I mainly suffer from extreme vagueness!!

    Sometimes I get the period-like pain, the metallic taste, having to pee tons, headaches..actually most of the things on the list, but they never really stick around and never all at once...there's still a long way to go..

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    bubba08 Guest

    Hello. I can't stand the smell of most things! I love coffee and cannot stand to be near it at the moment. I also cannot stand the smell of deodorant, especially my husbands!!! The poor thing, every time he comes near me i tell him to go away.

    I also have 'all day' sickness, nausea, headaches, cramps, and am sooo tired most of the time. When will it end?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2007

    Hello. I can't stand the smell of most things! I love coffee and cannot stand to be near it at the moment. I also cannot stand the smell of deodorant, especially my husbands!!! The poor thing, every time he comes near me i tell him to go away.

    I also have 'all day' sickness, nausea, headaches, cramps, and am sooo tired most of the time. When will it end?
    I hear you about the all day sickness, wishing I wasn't working and could sleep through this horrible feeling.

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    bubba08 Guest

    You poor thing. i had to take a couple of afternoon off work last week and come home to sleep. Can you take any time off work? Sleeping definitely helps and i discovered that so do water crackers... at least for in-between meals.

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    bronnii76 Guest

    Hello eveyone an new here. Just found out with a home pregnacy test that i am pregnant. I have to beautiful girls aged 8 and 5. Only symptoms so far with this one is I can not drink coffee anymore and have lost my sweet tooth. Am very tired alot. have a question can anyone remember the first time they felt the baby kick and if so how early.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2007
    Adelaide (Northern Suburbs)

    It's 4.25am here - my most frustrating symptom at present is that i'm waking up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. Same thing happened in my first trimester with DS - not that i'm complaining of course, after all it gives me more time to come and post on the forums.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2008

    insomnia was the very first symptom i had!

    the ms has really kicked in in the last 2 weeks, i have only actually puked once, but i feel like i am going to, aaaaaallllll the time :-(
    i basically have felt like i have a constant hangover for the last 2 weeks.

    it is really starting to get me down.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2007
    Rose Bay

    hi agadoo...

    don't let it get you down
    re: the nausea - i had it 24hrs a day until bang on 12 weeks. the worst thing you can do is leave your tummy empty, even during the middle of night try and scoff down a bite or two of toast?

    it really felt like forever, but what got me through was this:
    apparantly bad M/S (morning sickness) is a sign the pregnancy has taken really strongly.
    With all the worrying you do in the 1st 12 weeks, its good to know that one of the yukiest symptoms is actually a sign things are progressing well?

    i just always had myzone (the water w Bvitamins), 2 fruits, saladas & english muffins on hand. and also dont worry if the only thing that makes you feel better is fried chips. i lived off potato gems... my dr said she'd prefer i eat chips 5 times a day than take antinausea medication, so thats what i did lol

    last thing - maccas cheesburgers w bacon, no mustard, no onions, no pickles and optional cheese was the BEST BEST cure for feeling pukey...

    in otherwords, eat what you can keep down and ignore anyone that says otherwise. it makes you feel better, and you can always eat 'properly' later on...

    jessie xx

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2008

    thanks jessie :-)

    am trying the 'toast and cup of tea before getting out of bed' trick today!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2008
    Scone, NSW

    I had stabbing shoulder pain in my right shoulder for about 3 days on and off during weeks 3 and 4 of my pregnancy (now 6 weeks 5 days) the dr admitted me to hospital thinking it was a possible ectopic.

    Thankfully it was not (found out today when had a u/s) but it's been an agonising 3 weeks waiting to find out.

    I just wanted to post this here as I googled frantically hoping to find someone/anyone with the same symptom that had a normal pregnancy and I couldn't find anyone. So if anyone is feeling like this early on try to stay positive as things have turned out well for me in the end !

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    Melfunction Guest

    Hi all,

    My very first post here at bellybelly.

    Found out I was positve on 26 March using the onestep test (one where u can test 5 days before your period) and then again last night using crystal clear to be sure, which too was positive however result line was fainter. Postive test at clinic this morning with another brand, again result line fainter like last night but Im trying to assume that its cos the tests arent as sensitive as the onestep. Last period started somewhere between 29/2 and 3/3, not sure cos i always seem to spot before heavy flow. Cycle length has been approx 24 days for the last few months that Ive ever paid attention.

    Symptoms so far.....

    dull lower backache
    stomach cramps (mainly left side)
    radiating heat from my face
    minor gas / burping
    bigger boobs, slightly sore, gorging nipples
    gone off my morning iced coffee
    light pink spotting 1 week ago (implantation???)

    However this morning I woke to red blood when i went to the toilet and wiped. prolly only equivelant to 1/2 - 1 teaspoon. Was that worried I went to clinic where I tested positive and then no more blood just dark brown spotting the consistency of UHU stick glue (sorry couldnt think of anything else). Another thing, my boobs arent sore today and arent as gorged but still have lower abdominal minor pain / cramping, nothing serious however am really tired today.

    Went to Docs who was alarmed and made me like an idiot being there, said that I shouldve waited at least another week or 2 before coming. He then ordered me to do 4 routine blood tests every 2nd day next week and one today to corfirm HCG levels increasing.

    Anyone else experience a hit of bright red blood when period was due then dark brown discharge? extremely worried as its our first and so damn excited.

    Anyone's input would be greatly appreciated.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2007
    On the edge of Crazytown

    Hi melfunction, hope all is well with you and your bubba. Here is my two cents worth on the bleeding in pregnancy issue.... https://www.bellybelly.com.au/forums...scarriage.html ...

    I have a quick one to ask. I am not yet pg, but I am feeling very strange. I feel so unsettled emotionally. Cant decide if I am sad or scared or anxious or angry... and my stomach is churning like a cement mixer. I usually am reasonably calm during times of stress, but I dont know what this is. So my question is...

    Can anyone relate to this kind of unsettled feeling specifically as part of early pregnancy?

    Thanks. xo

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2008
    Brissy Bayside

    Hi!!Just popping in

    Hi all you lucky ladies!I hope you dont mind me just popping in!I was wandering if i could ask a question you might know the answer too....Ive heard of it but never spoke to anyone whose pregnant or had children already so what I want to ask is did any of you use lubricant and still fall pregnant?I mean just normal water based lubricant?Sorry about TMI but been ttc for 4 months now and im just worried as ive heard but wandered if it just a load of sillyness?I cant seem to do the Baby dance alot without it but wandered if this preseed is the better way to go?Thanks in advance and congrats to you all and hope you all have lovely healthy and happy pregnancies and hopefully it wont be long before im in this thread too yehar!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2007
    On the edge of Crazytown

    Hi 1pj. Although I am not UTD as yet I have read about this and preseed is definately the way to go. Other lubes mostly have stuff that will damage the spermies. GL

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2007
    Gold Coast

    Hi Ladies
    Im new in this forum as I have spent over a year in the TTC threads......
    Well Im finally pregnant! Only early days...5 weeks and 2 days to be exact.
    I was wondering if anyone had the symptoms I have or I am wishing these upon myself.
    I have had to go on progesterone as my levels were only slightly low and FS just want to as a precaution...Oh sorry i had a FET onthe 14/3/08........our third FET....
    I always feel worse after taking the progesterone pessaries like...heavy int he groin, sore to touch my tummy and around one side of my hip....i get the yuk nauseas feeling all day....but never enought to run to the loo.........Im tired most of the time but it seems to be getting better. I dont sleep very well anyway and now its even worse..........
    Some days i dont have any sickness and feel ok....should I then worry I dont have any symptoms......
    Im really nervous about this pregnancy so if I seem ridiculous...IM SORRY!!! Just hoping someone could shed some light and tell me its all normal...Oh and I cramp like you wouldnt believe..FS said thats from the progesterone!!!

    Sorry for no personal posts...just trying to read through everyones journeys....

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