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thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the First Trimester

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2005
    North Queensland

    Hi Gurls!

    This is my 3rd pregnancy, but the first that has made it this far.

    My first trimester symptoms have consisted of:
    * Morning sickness (the all day type)
    * Extreme fatigue
    * Really sore and enlarged bbs
    * Nausea

    I have been for my first round of test, everthing was o.k except that I had an iron deficency. So I am now on iron and folic acid tablets.

    I was wondering however, when does the sore bbs stop???

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005
    Brisbane Qld

    Well I thought I'd escaped m/s until yesterday. Threw up twice at work and have today off - have been quite yukky today.

    And I thought being at 9 weeks I was in the clear - hope I get better soon.

    Oh yeah Sarah - I hate the sore breasts big time!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Oct 2005

    Am into my 9th week and the only bodily symptons have been enlarged swollen boobs, darker nipples and in the past 2 days a slight cramping to the right side of my abdoman. Is this normal to be isolated to one side???

    My DP loves the new swollen bb however they are not small by any means...always been a 12C - DD now I've gone to E...he loves them....MEN!!!
    Is anyone getting neck shoulder pain from the extra weight they are lumping around on their chest!!!

    My grandmother has advised me to steer clear of citrus fruits!! Why I have no idea, is there reason for this at all?


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    Shelly Belly Guest

    I'm 9 weeks and so far so good. Only symptoms are sensitive nipples, constant trips to the toilet and extreme tiredness (which could be attributed to the 4 times I am waking up during the night to go to the loo), and a bit of a sore back. If this is as bad as it gets though, who's complaining.

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    Mrslucy Guest

    I think I have managed to have everything on the list so far and I am only 8 weeks, hope it gets better as I go along

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    nikiE Guest

    hi girls,
    I'm just 5wks and the only symptoms i have so far is af type cramping. and the very very slightest nausea. this is my first pregnancy and i'm so scared that something awfu might happen to the baby. I just feels so strange to think that I'm pregnant I don't even feel pregnant I sort of wish i could skip all this and just start at 12 wks so at least i could have an u/s and see the baby .

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    BellyBelly Professional Support Panel

    Nov 2005

    Hi nikiE

    You are normal. I bet everyone who is pregnant for the firet time has the same fears as you. Symptoms in pregnancy vary a lot between women so there is no real "normal". If nausea and/or vomiting do become a problem try taking ginger. You can make ginger tea, ginger beer, you can even just eat small amounts of fresh ginger. If you buy ginger beer from the shop just have a look what else is in it, they often have lots of sugar.

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    nikiE Guest

    thanks alan it's amazing how much everyones symptoms vary i've learnt alot from ready this thread i know that i should'nt worry so much cause it can't be good for the baby but i just so badly want everything to work well and i just want my baby to be healty and happy

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    welcome to BB
    come and join us in August belly buddies if you are due from 1st August or there is a July belly buddies thread

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    nikiE Guest

    thanks for the welcome, i'm due on the 1st of august by the dates but i haven't had a scan yet so i don't know due date for sure but i would love to join you for a chat it's so good to have other people who know what your going thru DH is great but some things he just dosen't understand.

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    Snap - I am due on 1st August too -

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    stc Guest

    pregnancy symptons

    Hi all, i'm currently 6w4d.
    My symptons so far have been continual period like dull aching (uterus expanding). Extremely sore nipples, slightly tender boobs and this week a regular lump at the back of my throat that makes me feel nauseas for about 1 1/2 hrs a day..
    Oh and most of all EXTREME TIREDNESS. I'm sure I was close to falling asleep while reading my class a story last week.

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    Registered User

    Mar 2005

    OMG I have all of them, how scary, just stared to feel nausea today, crap thought I'd missed it this time. :evil:

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Hello all. Just needed a bit of advise and to share my poor husbands worries at us having number 3.

    I am due for my period today and have taken my temp religiously for the last month (as a very good friend advised me to do...sam). My husband was with me last wednesday when we decided to do a test, 8pm at night. I have been really sick for 8 days. A faint positive strip came up around 5mins after doing the test. Still unsure my husband and I did another test today at lunch and I got a slight positive line right away. Now I know your thinking, this chick already has 2 boys, but god, ive forgotten so much. Ive had cramping, like period pain for the past 2 days, on and off and im worried that i may have jumped the gun...please help an insane woman who absolutely hates chocolate at the moment but loves garlic. Sick isnt it!
    My Husbands worries are quiet funny. When i hit the 14 week mark, my ms goes and my husband is sick until i have the baby. I think i get the better end of the deal, 3 months compared to 6. I was wondering if there are any other hubbies that get ms aswell?
    Sorry about the novel


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    Vicky Guest

    Pregnancy symptoms

    I knew I was pregnant when one morning I woke up and my bb felt fuller. They still looked the same just some how fuller. I still just over two weeks to go until my perioed was due. Mt first two pregnancies ended in mc but the syptoms I have had this time ae stronger and different.

    I am 6 weeks and have delt with strong wind pains to the point they have nearly taken my breath away, constipation, peeing, tiredness, sore bbs, very sensitive nipples, loverly big pregant bbs (the best part I think...I normally am a 12a!!), bloating, yukky horrible metallic taste in my mouth for about a week before I was due (gone now thought), I can taste the metal on cutlery now...this started today and if it keeps up I will get out our plastic camping gear, LOL, paranoa, thirsty, period like pains and the passing of a clear fluid (I read somewhere once upon a time that it is something to do with the ovaries??) - this makes me check my undies 20 times an hour with a big sig of relief, and a very strange sense of calmness. I only did a test yesterday as I did not want to jinx myself. I really feel this pregnancy is the one as everything is so diffeent and I feel really good about myself and baby. Off to the doc next Wednesday. I might request an early ultrasound for reassurance. I think they do an internal one this early - can anyone tell me about it. It has to be better tha a damn pap smear!!! Oh yer, I have started to develope the habit of rubbing my belly coz it feels itchy on the inside. :bellyrub:

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    maggie Guest

    HI, well i am 6w 3days, and the only symptons i have are the sore big breasts. (DH loves them) i am nervous as i have hardly felt suck or tired, is this normal? does it mean that it isnt a strong bubs. My hcg levels have been good, at 19DPO they were 530 and then 6days later over 5000. but i am concerned as i dont feel much disfferent, &* nervous somethign may go wrong..

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    Vicky Guest

    Hi there Maggie,

    Please don't panic because you are not having every symptom unde the sun. Everyone body deals with it in its own special way. I have a friend who did not even know she was pregnant until she was having strong contractions! That was ten years ago and now she has 5 kids! I have read in of girls on bellybelly who have had to quit work and lost weight from throwing up so much...every one is different and every pregnancy is different. Just enjoy every day you are pregnant. If you have any concerns, visit your doctor.

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    ~Sarah~ Guest

    Hey Maggi....there are no set rules about symptoms or when you should get them. Every pregnacy is different and there is a pretty long list of possible symptoms. Your sore boobs is one of the most common symptoms of early pregnacy. A lack of sympoms is nothing to worry about just enjoy it while it lasts! With my first two I had nothing but the sore boobs until about 10 wks....in comparison to this one where I'm getting every bloody symptom under the sun! Don't worry you are normal...although....being worried about everything is another pregnancy symptom, so you can add that one to your list See, now you have two!

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