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    Default Sharp Cramps

    Hi ladies,

    I'm 7 weeks 2 days pregnant and i had my ultrasound yesterday. Baby is measuring right on time at 1cm long and it's heartbeat was a strong 150bpm.

    My question is, the last few days i've had a strange stabbing/stretching feeling on my very lower (along my bikini line) left hand side of my abdomen. It's quite constant and lasts for about 5 seconds each time but is worse when i'm walking around.

    I've heard of round ligament pain but i thought it was too early for this?


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    Hi there

    In my experience definitely not too early I remember when I was preg with my first I had the same thing at 8 weeks and was in tears ringing my doctor to ask about it - getting up too quickly or moving awkwardly - i get it a bit now too and that is after 2 term pregnancies and things have been stretched and gone back again

    Of course unless you get bleeding or cramping with it, then see your doc

    Take care

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    I know what you are going through. I'm almost 11 weeks & the pain has appeared again. I had it at 4.5 weeks on the opposite side so I'm hoping its nothing to worry about.

    This pain is around where my ovary is, so I know it's different from the over strectching pain.... I'm hoping everything is ok as I don't think I can cope with another... I dare say

    I have another 2 weeks before my 12 week scan so am feeling really desperate, So i've booked to see my GP on Monday night

    Have your pains gone?

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    Yeah they have stopped, they lasted probably just over a week.

    I hope they dont come back again! My 12 week ultrasound isn't for another 4 weeks

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    hi Twoofus,

    I am now 12 weeks and still have this sensation. It seems to be normal, just everything shifting around to make way for your expanding uterus and bub.

    In my experience it ranges from a dull ache to sharp stabbing type pains but providing there is no blood then all normal. If you do have on going concerns go see your gp.

    Wishing you allthe best for a H&H pregnancy

    Nae x

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    I agree, I have this pain too and have had it from quite early. It has had me worried, but after read all of this I think it is quite normal. There is a lot of growing to do!!!! I have to bend over or pull my knees up to cough or sneeze and sometimes it still hurts. I am currently just over 12 weeks.

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    I had sharp stabbing pains and dull aches from 5 weeks until about 16 weeks or so. Oh yes and I remember having to bend over from the waist when I was going to sneeze because boy that would hurt! As the others have said I asked my doctor who said as long as there was no bleeding and the pain isn't unbearable don't worry it's normal.... hope it goes away for you soon

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    Hi Twoofus
    Don't worry hun, your pain is normal. It is caused by everything inside you starting to stretch and grow.

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    Default left sided pains

    HI I have had these pains as well and nobody seems to be too wirried about them. I get them especially if I stand uo too quickly or cough, sneeze etc. I was really worried at first but then the nausesa took over and I kind of have let them happen. I have not had any bleeding and the baby seems fine.

    I am 12 weeks pregnant.
    good luck hope they go away soon.

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