thread: Sharp Pain????

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    Aug 2007

    Sharp Pain????

    Need some opinions....

    i'm getting a rather sharp pain in my left side today on and off and not sure what's going on.

    I'm 4.5wks and have to admit have had trouble with constipation this week so am hoping that's all it is.

    It can be quite intense sometimes though.

    Is this too general???? But would love some opinions.

    Am also trying not to be too neurotic about every little pain / twinge / cramp I feel. Just not sure when to start to think more about a pain?????


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    Sep 2007

    If you've had trouble with constipation I can sympathise with you. It can be really painful, especially when your innards are rearranging themselves to adjust to your expanding uterus. Sometimes things can pass through your intestines rather painfully. I had problems with it in early to mid pregnancy and it is quite intensely painful whilst it lasts. I found that most of the time it was localised to the left side, but as things 'moved along' the pain would also shift.

    If the pain is localised to one side and doesn't pass after your next BM it would be worth getting it checked out to rule out the possibility of an ectopic. (I hope that I haven't panicked you - it doesn't sound like it is - I've had one and apart from localised pain the symptoms are quite different to what you've described).

    Also, try to keep your fibre levels up - it makes a huge difference! If you are taking any supplements avoid anything with iron in ferrous sulphate form - it is not easily absorbed which will cause constipation. Ferrous fumarate (preferably in organic form from a health food shop) doesn't cause any problems!

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

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    For the fibre to work you also need to keep up your fluid intake

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    May 2006

    I had sharp pains in the beginning of my pregnancy too and it is hard not to worry about it. I went to have scans as due to it being an IVF pregnancy i feared an ectopic but was constipation and it stuck with me for the entire pregnancy. I didnt have morning sickness so i guess i had to have something to remind me i was pregnant I found that Elevit made my constipation worse so took it every 2nd day only and i avoided bananas and white bread, drank a lot of water and used a lot of enemas(TMI- Goodluck

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    I recently went to the drs about sharp pains in my left side, she sent me for a scan and everything is ok. The sonographer said to me that i ovulated from the left so that is probably what the pains are from... So try not to stress and if they do get worse go and see your dr.

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