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Thread: Struggling with Water Intake

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    Default Struggling with Water Intake

    I've really been struggling with my water intake lately. I just get so full and bloated so quickly that I just can't fit any more in. But I am thirsty so I don't know what to do.

    Before I was preggas and up to 8 weeks ish, I had no problem getting at least 2 litres down and now I am lucky to get a litre. I always carry my water bottle with me and take regular sips and don't guzzle so that isn't my problem. Juices and cordial and other drinks don't go down easily either so it is the liquid problem I think.

    Any ideas for a better solution? Would something like hydrolyte help?

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    Hi MummyTummy,

    Glad you posted this as I was only thinking of this today ... I was big on liquid intake before getting BFP but now it is a struggle as you say to consume .... nights are ok but more so at work during the day and I always have water/juice available...... interesting to see what advice everyone has

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    I've never been a HUGE drinker of water, and like you, am thirsty but find it hard to keep drinking it!!!! I've been buying the flavoured water, because I seem to be able to suck those down pretty easy, and if you refill it straight away after its empty, still carries on some flavour. I think that if I'm drinking two bottles of that a day, plus the odd glass here and there (one before I go to bed is a must!! - for some reason I get so thirsty, and then wake up to pee.. neverending cycle!!) plus with my morning coffee.. surely that must all add up to at least 1.8L? I dont really have any advice for you other than what I do !! Sorry!! Good luck!

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    Hey Mummy Tummy

    I am similar, I can easily drink a litre at night, after my numerous trips to the loo, but struggle to drink often during the day.

    I wonder if it is because we tend to be sitting more and everything gets kinda of squished up and there isn't as much room. I'm not really sure but that is what I am thinking

    I find that early in the day I can drink easier and as the day goes on I can't drink as much, when at work, I was able to drink well at the gym, probably as I was on my feet most of the time!

    Also just saw this link at the bottom of the page !! some of these hints may help

    I am not sure about the hydrolyte.

    Do you have a big drink in the morning? I have a glass and a half of milk in the morning first up, which gets me through to work, then tea and water at work.

    Sorry i couldn't be better help!!! Hopefully someone else can help out!!
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