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Thread: VENT - my GP got crappy with me.

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    mo3 Guest

    Angry VENT - my GP got crappy with me.

    Hi guys, I'm going to start badly here - my very first post and it's a vent. Ah well, things can only get better!!!

    My problem is: I think I'm doing the right thing and, apparently, I'm not!!!

    When I got my BFP I rang GP office to say, I'm 4 weeks pg, what do I do now?? (Sure I have 2 already, but I couldn't remember!!) I was told, come in to see your doc. So I did.

    All I got on that visit was a congrats and info on what to do next.... which was to organise the early screening blood test at 10 weeks and U/S at 12wks. She said I'd need to get U/S referral from her.... but I figured, "...that's fine, she can give me that when I come in to get my blood taken at 10wks." So, that's what I did. I made my appointment to have blood taken, had it done, the staff were not worried I didn't have a form from doc, said they'd get it from her when she got back to the office... and before I left I left a message at the desk asking that doc send my U/S referral for a aprticular U/S clinic to my home. Again, no-one has a problem with this. Seems to be a normal event in their daily lives. When I rang the U/S clinic they even mentioned getting doc to write on referral something about my age to maybe get it covered by Medicare... which I mentioned to the nurse.

    The referral didn't arrive, the appointment is looming - so I rang and left a message gently reminding her that I needed that referral.

    Well!! When she rang me back she was really REALLY ****y with me!!! She took the attitude that I was working outside the system and maybe even just trying to not pay for her time. She said I would be charged for the referral (which is FINE!!! At least I saved my petrol!!) as if that was all I trying to avoid.

    I tried to ask why I needed to see her (I mean, she knows I'm pg... wouldn't it save her precious time to NOT walk in?) - and she got more huffy about not just doing tests and procedures simply because a patient requested them. And as for trying to get the U/S bulk billed - forget it!!! She ranted about having extra tests in the private system as opposed to the public system. Well, tell me - don't rave at me like I'm trying to commit fraud!!

    I tried to explain to her that I obviously had it wrong, but I thought I was doing it right - but she wasn't about to be appeased. I've been meaning to change doc for years - she's our doc from where we used to live and not convenient - but it's so hard to find a new one!!! Now I feel like dropping her completely and finding someone else - but where to start???

    Anyway - it was her attitude that really bugged me - like I was doing something terribly wrong - when I seriously thought I was saving everyone else time and trouble and being self-sufficient. Maybe there's a GP out there who can shed light on this whole thing - but in the meantime - thanks for reading this far!! You're a legend!!!!!!

    From Pip
    Mother of DD6 & DD3 and one on the way.

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    Thats really rude! I can actually say I have dr's that have said Call up and I'll write the referral... and they normally don't charge for that or scripts. Or the kids. Definitely change doctors what a nasty old biddy! Sheesh!


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    Time to move on to a new GP whose priority is your wellbeing and not getting up on their own private soapbox!!

    I would try ringing your state/regional women's health information service, they often have a list of GPs who specialise in women's health and who have been highly recommended by women who see them.


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    Pip, I changed docs cos my doc was an idiot!! He didn't even order the bloods to go with the 12 wk u/ I didn't KNOW that I needed them so why would I ask for them?? I had to prod him to even get my referral for the hospital!! I asked some questions cos I'd been told things by other people and he just dismissed them telling me they were wrong...turns out HE WAS WRONG!! I missed my 12 wk scan in the end all because of him! Sometimes I think they expect us to know what they're thinking!! I say find a new who can be bothered to listen to you.

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    Oh Pip! What an awful experience! I know that some GP clinics are struggling with their income (which often comes from Bulkbilling only) but it by no means gives them the right to behave like that!!!! Is there a senior partner at the practice you can complain to? Tell them you are so unhappy with the way you have been treated by this doctor that you are going to move to another practice. Depending on where you are in Vic, I have a fantastic doctor who does shared care - the most senior doctor at the practice is also very experienced with pregnancy. It is in Eltham. If you are interested in the name of the practice, email me at mothergooseATbellybellyDOTcomDOTau But I would definatley be changing doctors! Maybe also give the hospital you intend to deliver at a call and see which docs they do shared care with if you are planning on going that way.

    And congratulations on your pregnancy! a H&H 9 months to you!


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    I can recommend an excellent dr in Elsternwick/Caulfield.

    She is great - always takes the time to listen and try to help me, she tells me to call her if its hard to get in with the baby, and bulk bills me cos she knows its hard on 1 income.

    I would leave your dr, you need a good relationship, and not somebody who is going crazy about a referral????!!

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    It truely is a shame, when doctors start taking their pay packets into more consideration that the wellbeing of their patients isnt it??.
    I know it is hard for some clinics to make it through these days,,,,,but this doctors attitude plainly just stinks!! sounds like she is just having an absolute crappy day,,,and took it all out on your hun. I would seriously change doctors, and either ring the clinic and speak to the head doctor/manager there about why,,,or if you dont feel that confident, write them. If they dont know about this, they cant stop it again next time to some other innocent person.
    Maybe even ring your hospital you are booked into, and ask to speak to one of the midwives, about who they have found to be really caring to the women there, and who is suitable for your needs? Afterall, they are the ones who see first hand daily how the doctors treat the mothers.

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    Wow thats unbelievable she treated you in that manner. I would definately be seeing another Doctor. Regardless of what Doctors have to go through, they should NEVER treat you like that.
    If your anywhere near Brighton, there is a fantastic womens clinic which Is fabulous. My mum raves about it too. They are very caring and will spend all the time in the world with you. PM me if you want to get the details, but Im pretty sure its called Brighton Womens Clinic. (its very well known in the area).


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    mum5boys Guest


    Pip, that is a terrible way to be treated by your doctor, I think its time for a new one.
    You need to be able to trust and feel comfortable with your doctor and not be abused by them just because they are in a bad mood.
    I have a great gp who I would reccomend but she is in Glen Waverley, I don't know if that is close to you or not.
    Take care

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    I would definitely find another dr, I am so glad that my family dr (of 22 years) is great, I have plenty that are nice and close but still go to him, and he is usually more than happy for me to ring and request a script etc, even tells me to go straight into the treatment room with my kids if they are really sick so that we get seen to a lot quicker, I hope you manage to find someone great, and I think you should probably seriously consider reporting her.

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    You poor thing.

    Depends on if this will make you feel better, but I would personally write a letter to the Dr/clinic or Head Dr in that clinic and complain. Because no matter whether you were "trying to get around the system" or it was just an innocent mistake (let's face it you're pregnant, that should say it all in the Brain department!!) she has no right to put her frustrations or negative opinions onto you down the phone.

    It's VERY unprofessional to say the least. She should have just called to explain why you need to physically be there to collect your referrals etc politely and that would have been the end of it.

    I know that my Dr only works part time and so I just make an appointment on my day off to see her. I've tried calling her in the past and waited by the phone all day for her to call me back, but as she has a little boy of her own and a really busy schedule, sometimes she just can't return the calls she gets. I was upset at the time, but she is lovely and I try and understand her situation isn't much different from mine, being a working Mum. So now I just book in.

    I would write the letter and then try and find another Dr. Let us know what area you need and maybe someone on this site can recommend a good one. I live in Carrum Downs and I'm trying to find a bulk bill place down there, but for now I have a good Dr that I pay to see. My Mum works in a great centre in Vermont South, so that could be somewhere for you to try, just don't know where you live.

    Take care and keep in touch.

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    mo3 Guest


    Wow, thanks for your help guys. I feel vindicated

    I am in Murrumbeena, so some of the ones mentioned earlier might suit... I will got onto the yellow Pages and maybe chuck some names out there to see if anyone can help with a recommendation.

    Thanks again -

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    Pip - I agree with Tash. Write a letter of complaint. What a terrible way to treat a patient. It's not like there's a "how to" manual on how all these things work. Every doctor, clinic, hospital etc. is different. I was SO amazed by how many things I found out by accident with my last pregnancy. Honestly, you should be able to trust your GP and not feel like you're going to get your head bitten off for doing, what you thought, was the right thing. As for "going around the system" hek, why not? Why should it cost us an arm and a leg to get decent healthcare?? I know that's beside the point (and not what you are trying to do) but geeeeeez...!!

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