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    OMG Sal - i cant believe they made you get weighed in public!! that is terrible. i would refuse!!!!!

    your mums advice sounds perfect.


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    I know, Linda, I always wonder after-the-fact where my assertiveness went!?! I'm stressing now about my next clinic... they have a scale that is sitting in the waiting room and you have to get on it then yell to the midwife behind the counter what you weigh. How awful is that?!?! But I know that I'll be sumissive and also do the weigh-in, don't want to run a midwife the wrong way - she might end up being the one who makes the call on whether to do an episiotomy or not LOL!

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    Jun 2005

    Good topic! I was thinking about this the other day also.

    I'm almost 18 weeks and have put on about 2 or 3 kilos give or take which I guess isnt much at all but for someone with my weight issues (i was what you would call far far too skinny tipping the scales at one time at 44kgs and I'm 5'5) thankfully when I fell pregnant I had just come home from an overseas holiday where I staying with relatives and I was 51kgs (which made my doctor very happy).

    Its really hard for me psychologically to put on weight because you think you look massive when you are not but I am coping very well. Eating healthy mainly every day but enjoying the Oporto burger and fries when I want it!

    I'm aiming at 12-15kgs for my pregnancy but I am definately not denying myself or the baby anything.

    I've always been really into keeping fit. I walk every day (although with far less impact now that pre-pregnancy) I am also starting to swim twice a week. I'm doing pilates irregularly at this stage because the time table doesnt fit in with work at the moment!!

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    At 172cms and a relatively bulky muscle build I was just happy to be below 70kgs when I was first weighed. The nurse at my GPs looked at me like I'd grown two heads when I begged her not to tell me how much I weighed. That said, I've had huge body image issues and having a mother who was anorexic & bullemic at my age and a sister who has Mum's build and is currently a size 6, does not help!

    Then of course I got shocking M/S and a viral infection and I lost in the vicinity of 10kgs until 16wks pg. I'd spent so much time worrying that I'd put on tons of weight during the pregnancy that I hadn't considered the fact that I'd go backwards. My GP freaked out over how much weight I'd lost (it was like she didn't believe how sick I was saying I'd been until I got on the scales and she had the proof!) and then I had to come back each week to get weighed.

    At 21wks, I weighed just under my original pregnancy weight. I was just happy that I was getting healthy again but my GP then stressed me out by telling me I didn't look pregnant at all and that I needed to put on more weight.

    So basically, I discovered there was far worse than worrying about putting too much weight on. Worrying that you AREN'T putting on enough weight and that you're not giving bubs what he/she needs. I'm still scared of the scales (and as I'm yet to have my 1st antenatal appointment at the Mater I don't know what they've got in store for me) but through all of this I've learnt to actually be happy that I've put on a few kgs. It means I'm giving bubs what she needs and that she's growing at a nice rate.

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    hehehe Shannon I could use you at my next appt!! I think I'll tell them I don't like being weighed, see how I go...

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    I would be saying more than that. I would be asking HER to get on the scales and then YOU yell out HER weight...SHEESH! Thats bloody rude I tell ya! Stand up for your rights sal, and if she does end up being at your labour tell them you want someone else LOL!


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    :shock: OMG at the public weigh in! I haven't been weighed yet... start all that stuff at my next OB visit.. weight, urine, measurements etc etc.

    I do know I've lost 3kg since being pg. I haven't really been sick, but I guess my eating hasn't been like it should. I've also been on Metformin since April tho, that could contribute to a bit of weight loss.