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    Default 3 questions ... whats normal

    ok i have a few questions ..
    1st one is ... is it normal to feel a bit of pressure down there like all my bits are swollen , sometimes it feels like pressure on my *ahem* clitoris and then it feels like my lips are swollen too .. i notice it more when i havent done a pee in a while , could it be to do with my bladder ? i know there is extra blood flow , but some times it can be a bit uncomfortable ... it happened when i was at the gym , its a strange feeling almost like being turned on all the pressure is it normal ..??

    2nd question .... how much weight should i put on ideally ??? im 18 wks and so far only 2 kgs .... is this ok , should it be more and when should i put more wieght on , and if i have to , how do i get my self to eat more , i dont have an appetite .. so i dont eat much , will this affect baby ??

    im so clueless in pg as when i pg with ds i was very unwell so concentraing on do's and donts were not really on my mind

    3rd question.... how hard should i work out at the gym ??? whats ok to do ... so far i do the bike / tredmill for about 20 mins at 6kms per hr or till my heart rate gets to 140ish them i do stretches and weights ... is it safe to do a normal work out ???

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    Hi charmalea

    Yes it is normal to feel some pressure down there and if you have a look you may see that you are swolen. This is caused by the increase in blood supply which can increase by as much as 80%.

    There is no ideal weight gain. Women will put on weight at different rates and at different times during their pregnancy. I would not be worried by putting on 2kg at 18 weeks.

    You can continue with your workouts. The only thing I would advise against would be contact sports. Bike. tredmill. weights and stretches will not do you or your baby any harm, in fact they will do you a lot of good

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    Only putting on 2 kilos at 18 weeks wouldnt be anything to worry about. My doc told me that i can lose weight right through my pregnancy and only put on mayb 4 kilos but find that when i have the baby i was actually losing body fat. does this make sense?? well i think this would be ur case as u are working out at the gym etc ( and good on you for doing so). With the gym, just take it easy..and try not to get too overheated and all the rest.
    Personally i dont know about the swollen bits. sorry.

    Take care xox

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    Yep- swollen is normal

    Weight gain can depend on your starting weight too- normally if you had more weight at the start then you'll put on less.

    Exercise is fine but I did hear not to push so hard that you become really out of breath and tired as then your body will pump all your extra blood to your muscles and may deprive the womb. If you're already fit then doing the same, or a little lighter exercise than normal is fine.

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    Exercise - I commend you, I am too tired to exercise these days - I never got that boost of energy in the second trimester just an overwhelming feeling of gratefullness that ms was gone

    Swollen, turned on etc - totally normal, in fact some research goes on to say it is more possible to have bigger better and multipl orgasms while pg. Personally - I have really noticed the swelling so your not alone. Expect more changes 'down there' as the pg goes on!!!

    Weight - I was so excited when at 16ish weeks I had only put on about 1.5kgs considering how sick I was yet so hungry during the first trimester. I was always eating (this has very much eased now) and was certain that I had put on more weight then really necessary. Unfortunately since then I have put on a bit more - which is great for the baby not so much so for my butt - someone please tell me those fat stores for breast milk will come from my behind I have small enough bbs as it is. However - I still haven't put on a great deal of weight and am often told I am very small - but midwife says that my belly is very deceiving - smudge is sitting quite far back and she is in a neat little package - so don't worry about that.

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    I didn't put anything on til after 22 weeks. I had extra weight on me before falling pregnant and apparently that's normal. I think I read somewhere that if you are normal or low weight you will put on up to 5 kilos before 20 weeks then around 1/2 a kilo after that regardless of your pre pregnancy weight.

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