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Thread: Anyone else had trouble accepting they were pregnant? When did it kick in?

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    Congrats on your pg!!

    I didn't start to get even mild symptoms till week 8 and it didn't start to feel real until the first scan which I had at 9 weeks. Seeing the hearbeat makes it real...for awhile..

    I've now gone back into "it doesn't feel real", but have my 12 week scan on Wed's so hoping seeing the heartbeat again will bring it all back home again :0

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    Congratulations! even though it may not feel real yet, it will soon and as that gorgeous belly starts to grow (takes awhile for us first-timers!) it just gets better and better!

    i didnt 'know' i was pregnant until about 6 weeks along. DH was the one who came home with home pregnancy test! LOL! i was in big denial as we had been trying for over 18 months and were told that we could not conceive without IVF (an option that we hadnt looked into at that stage). So when it came back positive, i was completely gobsmacked and sat there for about 5 minutes before i told my DH. in fact the lines came up instantly, but i waited the full 10 minutes 'cause i thought that it might change back to negative!!

    I too didnt get any symptoms until about week 8. then it was only mild nausea (all day), and slightly tender BBs...

    IKWYM about testing all the time! my GP told me to stop, as i was pg and that was that!! LOL!

    I can recommend buying some books on pregnancy and birth (such as Sheila kitzinger etc etc). I found this really helped in making it 'real' for me and being able to see what the baby looks like at each week of its development.

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