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Thread: Bleeding During Pregnancy - Women's Stories Of Bleeding In Pregnancy #2

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    Quote Originally Posted by swapna View Post
    Thanks to all 0f u specially to dear Bliss and Shreejoy for their fantastic responses which wre quite soothing and gave me lot of courage.yesterday after completing my 7th week I got my U/S done and thank God my little one was appearing on U/S screen like a little dot and yes!!! cardiac activity was PRESENTWe all (my hubby n my 9 yr old daughter) were extremely happy as earlierfor 7 long days each one of us was consoling each other.. specially my daughter Aishwarya (She was also troubling me with lot of questions which were difficult to explain).Everything seems be to be OK now but my doc has strictlyt old me to continue my bedrest and we'll have another Exam after 15 days.All medicines will continue and HCG shots have been prescribed twice a week.I am taking complete bedrest which although is very boring but at times quite entertaining to see my hubby( a Police Officer) dancing on my tunes.
    Bye....see u after 15 days
    Yay you got a heart beat that is fantastic news. I am so pleased for you. From my experiences I have always had a heartbeat by 6 weeks, so I was a little concerned for you YAY!!! My first pregnancy (the twins) I had a heart beat in only 1 x sac and that was at 5 weeks 4 days and then we lost that only surviving twin by 7 weeks as the cardiac activity ceased. My other m/c (twins again), we had nothing in the sacs, not even a notable fetal pole at the 6 week 2 day mark, so I had a curette again.

    Take care and rest up.

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    Hi girls, congrats to the girls who are continueing to have successful pregnancies after rough starts and deepest sympathy to the girls who have gone on to lose precious angels.
    I have experience from both sides, but on a brighter note I am on here to let you all know that I am 17 weeks today I nearly can't believe it after all the weeks of bleeding and bed rest to seems a bit unreal, still very nervous and just for peace of mind off for an US today to see the baby and if he/she is willing to find out the sex. For those who would like to know if it is a boy? or girl ?it will be linked to my signature.....

    Thanks for the support and the chance to talk through my problems BB is an absolute godsend. Hugs and lots of sticky vibes to those who need them.

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    Hello to all,
    I'm so glad to have found this forum as I now feel a little less alone with all that is happening.
    Last Monday I found out I was pregnant and we were over the moon, especially as we were waiting for my cycle to start so I could start taking Clomiphene (ovary stimulant) on day 1. We were so glad that it had finally happened naturally.
    Due to having PCOS, it is hard to know how far along I am but I'm guessing anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks.
    Thursday evening I had a small amount of brown discharge which became less over the following 48 hours (bringing us to this evening). I had spoken to my specialist and he had advised rest until my early pregnancy scan on Tuesday (which is taking a long time coming). I have also had a very low grade ache low down in my abdoman. I got up for a short legstretch this evening only to discover after a few minutes that I had passed some redder blood, probably about a teaspoon. I immediately went back to bed and it has since dried up again to the very minimal brown discharge again.
    I don't know what to think. I have not had any nausea but have had bad indigestion that seems a bit better in the last few days. My breasts were very sore before I found out I was pregnant but now its just my nipples that are tender.
    We really don't want to lose this baby. We have been trying so long and were so shocked and delighted when we found out, hard to believe that was less than a week ago.
    I don't know what I am expecting from this forum, maybe information or maybe just some moral support. I feel like my specialist has subjected me to five days of emotional and mental torture by telling me to rest and wait!

    Gypsie. XX

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    Hey everuyone,

    Blackduckies - that's fantastic to hear that all your efforts have paid off! Congratulations I'm so happy to hear it is going well for you now. Do you still have to be careful with activity, or are you now in the so-called "normal" PG category?

    Swapna - glad to hear that things are going well for you also. I also had bleeding early (for about 3 weeks) but didn't ever have injections etc.. maybe they do different things in different places? I don't know. Anyway, I'm happy to hear things are going well.

    And for anyone reading this thread, I'm also a success story - after spotting/bleeding/subchorionic haemmorhage/cyst on the umbilical cord, by 12 weeks EVERYTHING had resolved, and in our 12 week scan we saw a very healthy energetic little bub bouncing around. I was on very restricted activity (to varying degrees, not full bed rest but allowed to work from home & at work a little bit) from ~6 to 12 weeks). I'm back to see my obs tomorrow (nearly 15 weeks now!) and will confirm what is allowed and what (if anything) is not in terms of activity! I think DH is far too scared to DTD (we weren't allowed in first tri anyway) so it could be interesting tehe.

    I totally agree with Blackduckies comment that BB is just an absolute godsend!! Sending you all best of luck whether TTC after m/c or desperately hoping it'll stick!


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