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Thread: Bounty Bag

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    thanks girls, sounds like it might be luck of the draw, but I will definitely ask my ob on Monday. I also looked on the bounty website and there is a chemist near me that has it so if my ob can't give it to me I might just see if I can get it from the chemist.

    Antheia - I read on the website that they are now "breastfeeding friendly" and have removed all advertising and vouchers for bottles, formula etc.

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    Oh, thanks for that

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    if u get one off the site it costs $12

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    I don't think many hossy give them out any more because of they ar enot overly BFing friendly.

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    I got mine! I went for my hossy attp and when we were walking out my midwife said to "Hold on, ill go get your present!" i was like Huh?? and then she came out with a bag and i was like oooh i was rather excited, DP was jealous he didnt get one!
    I cant say it had anything about bottle feeding or formula in it though...there was something about BF, but i think it may have just been a section in the mag.
    I just cant wait to get the others haha...
    And bummer about it not having any chocolate in it like it used to i heard that too and when there was none i was like "Hmmh" oh well!

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    I was just talking to my midwife and she said the hospitals dont give them out anymore, she is doing it instead, then she will give me the second one and target for the third. I didnt get them with DS2 but did with all the others, and i missed out on the chocolate.. I got the choc for DS1...
    Goodluck trying to find them.

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