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Thread: Gift for DH for the birth of baby

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    wow - thanks for all the great suggestions girls!!

    there are lots of great ideas there... i think i'll get a photo framed for his desk at work, and then some matching Wallabies rugby jumpers for himself and the baby (he's a rugby nut!), and a little Wallabies rugby ball. i like the idea of the book that was mentioned too - i'll have a look out for that one... i think i'll make him up a "Daddy Hamper" in advance, leave it with one of my friends, and have them bring it to the hospital once the baby is born...

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    LOVE the idea of a Daddy Hamper - I may have to copy you. Think i will do the photo frame for his office, perhaps a good bottle of wine for him to open on a spec occasion later in the baby's life and maybe some 'practical' baby things... i think it is nice to make him feel v special too, esp as so much attention is focused on me right now!

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    I got DP a beer mug, that said "bestest daddy in the world", It had a bell attached to it as well, so when its empty he could ring for a refill, but this got removed VERY quickly.
    I didn't even get a flower from him, but I figured the mummy and bubs seem to get all the cards and pressies and he sort of deserved a little something.

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