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    Well I just had my 37 week checkup and my blood pressure has jumped from 120/70 or 80 to 145/90! I've been ordered home on rest. I'm feeling really upset as at this stage with my last baby my blood pressure jumped this high plus swelling and intense headaches and so was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia and was born at 37.5 week underweight as my placenta had broken down.

    I feel like it is happening all over again. It has taken me by surprise as I'm not stressed like last time, I've had no swelling or headaches and have put on minimal weight (9 kgs compared to 26+ kg last time).

    Has anyone else experienced High blood pressure and not develop pre-eclampsia and the baby was quite happy to keeping going until ready to be born?

    I guess to top it all off my husband is studying (as well as working full-time) and has an assignment due Friday and next Wednesday and an exam in 2 weeks!

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    Let me put your mind at ease and say...YES! I had high blood pressure through out my pregnancy every time I got it checked it was high. 145/90. Due to it being my 3rd and my weight was already high at 130kg I was put in overnight pretty much every week from 36 weeks.

    Once I was in the ward, relaxing in my bed it went back to normal. Each time they did blood and urine tests to check for signs of PE but I was ok. My pregnancy lasted till induction at 40 weeks. I was induced due to low amniotic fluid, and raised BP. Even though it was normal when resting.

    My best advice is to take it easy, rest up as much as you can, and really take it easy. Your hubby can't study all day so take advantage of him when he needs a mind break LOL!

    Keep an eye out for signs of PE which you know. If you get worried maybe check if you can go in and get your BP checked in a couple of days with your GP. They may put you in for monitoring, which also puts your mind at ease.

    Goodluck and stay calm.

    Cheers Jac

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    Thanks Jac. It makes me feel somewhat better. I was thinking of maybe going to my GP later in the week to get my BP checked again just in case it was a one off and I'm worrying for nothing. I must say I was surprised given my past history and the substanial increase in my BP that my OB said he didn't want to see me for a week. Sometimes it really makes you wonder whether they really are in it for the patients or the money.
    Lucky for me my son is fairly independent at 5 so it is not like having to chase a toddler around although the heat is starting to ramp up which doesn't help!

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