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Thread: How did you tell your partner?

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    I had been *exhausted*, practically falling asleep standing up, for weeks but we supposed it could be jetlag coming back to bite me. Then for days I felt like the worst period ever was coming, I was sapped and crampy and whiney as all get out. I just laid curled up on the sofa and watched crap tv. I've always been regular as clockwork, on the day I missed my period dh said "well you're pregnant then," and went to work. I fretted for a while, then went out and bought a HPT. Wouldn't you know it almost immediately showed positive, strong and clear. When I composed myself enough to be able to talk coherently, I called dh at work and begged him to come home. He asked why even though he knew. When he got home we laid on the bed and held each other for hours, didn't really have anything to say.
    It was a bit of an adjustment, but I think now we're more looking forward to meeting our daughter than scared crapless.

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    Erm . . . we did it together. I didn't tell him, I just said "Um, Michael . . . " "Oh God, you're pregnant" and I ran out of the room LMFAO. Of course we're so happy to have her, she just wasn't expected! We were a tad shocked :P

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    Well as mine was an unplanned, unexpected surprise it was very much a me sneaking off to do the test. Then i sat on it (literally sat on it) for an hour and then i went of into my friends bedroom (we were staying at her place at the time) and i he followed and i burst into tears.
    Not all too impressive...! But thought i'd share nonetheless.
    Once we decided we were going to bring our adorable precious sooner than expected bundle into the world i just walked up to him one night planted a kiss on his cheek and said 'we're having a baby' and we both kinda squealed, giggled, and grinned for a while...

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