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thread: Larger pregnant women...

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    I know too, but for people with prev GD problems like me (insul 50+ units every meal, waking and sleeping). Prior to preg or taken before 12 weeks it has shown a reduction.
    Sorry should of explained it better 8-[

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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest

    Hi girls! Haven't been around for a while ...

    DH still not working yet ... it sucks ... so many applications, so many rejections.

    My work sucks ... I'm hating just about everyone there at the moment. Lots of sticking their noses in where they're not wanted and just being plain annoying. Definitely counting down until maternity leave (which is up in the air at the moment on how long I'm taking off ... bring on that job for DH!!)

    Plus we have to move. They're selling the house we're renting and the real estate seems to be giving us the run a round. Hopefully will hear that we have a place to live by Monday at the latest. So annoying!

    Baby wise ... everything's going really well. I can't remember which u/s I was to have last time I was on ... so ... we had to have one at 12 weeks for check for d/s, but dr reckoned she couldn't see so had to go back at 13 weeks. Results came back absolutely perfect.

    Had another u/s at 19 weeks ... what a hassle that was! At the previous u/s we were told by the dr doing it that would we have to come back, she made the appointment for us and said goodbye. When we get there, she's like where's your referral from your GP? I'm like what referral? She said that she reckoned she told us that we needed one, but she absolutely did not! Luckily for us we had just been to antenatel clinic earlier in the week so they just rang down to them and got the form faxed up. God i was annoyed. Then she was a complete b*tch for the whole hour we were in there.

    Said that she thought everything was ok but couldn't be 100% sure cos she couldn't see properly and there was no way that she could tell what we were having. Then she said we'd have to come back again at 34 weeks cos my placenta was low.

    Get to the antenatel clinic a few weeks later for our next appointment and the report from our u/s was that everything was absolutely fine including the placenta and we wouldn't need another u/s. grrrr

    But now DH is ticked off cos he really wants to know what we're having and that's probably not going to happen now. Poor dear

    Just had the gest. diabetes test this monday gone. Have our next antenatel appointment on tuesday so will find out the results then.

    Weight wise ... Found out I was preggas @ 6 weeks. Was 125kg. Lost 5 kgs and have only just now put on 2 kg in the last couple of weeks or so. Clothes aren't too bad ... i guess. Most of my clothes were already a little big but now they are just right. Although I'm glad it's summer cos none of my trousers fit ... well they do but are way tight around the waist.

    Loving showing now ... being a larger lady was always one to suck it in all the time, but now i let it all hang out ... plus people kept commenting i wasn't showing yet ... but i am, but cos i don't have a tight little stomach like a lot of people the baby kinda hides. But if I lift my waist a little from the belly button the baby sticks out HEAPS! It's kinda cool.

    Bub gets the hickups a lot lately too ... really the only time DH gets to feel. Everytime its kicking and moving, I'll tell DH to come and feel. He does so the baby stops. Then as soon as he goes and sits down again it starts up. Quite funny really.

    Will keep everyone posted as much as I can!

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    Lee33 Guest

    Where does all the time go? I seem to be doing nothing much once I get home from work, but the tiredness makes it so hard to do anything!

    Had a checkup this week, and OMG have gained 3 kgs in only 2 weeks!!!!
    Was a little freaked out as my diet has remained pretty much the same as usual, GP says its the baby growing! That brings my total weight gain to 3.75kgs, so not too bad seeing as I am 28 weeks. Just so shocking to gain so much in so little time! Hope my weight doesnt balloon from now on.... but not going to restrict my eating in the hope of gaining less weight!! Its all for baby

    The report from my last u/s 2 weeks ago says baby is slightly bigger than average - great - just what I want, a big baby to push out, lol.

    My wedding rings came off this week, they are now on a chain around my neck til after baby's born.

    Am starting to find everything is an effort, getting tired much easier. Have sore ankles, and have now got a pain in my groin that feels like I have pulled a muscle, GP says to keep an eye on it, nothing to worry about, has anyone else experienced this?

    How is everyone else going?

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    Nov 2005

    Hi guys,

    Great to hear we are all doing well

    Baby_Crazy, I hope your gestational diabetes test went well. I have had one already (I already had insulin issues) and thank goodness it was all fine

    So far I have gained a kilo which I think isn't too bad. Am trying not to gain too much, but defiitely don't want to deprive bubs of anything so am not dieting at all. I think the metformin is really helping me.

    I have a question though. Does anyone know where I can buy maternity undies in a size larger than 16 :-k as this is the largest size I have seen so far. If not, what are some other alternatives that are going to fit round my belly?

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    Feb 2005

    Hey Kylie,

    The only ones Ive found so far are in Target and Big W and I still have some 1626 Clothes that will fit for a while so thats good. I have already had to buy more bras 2 sizes bigger already OMG 8-[


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    Baby_Crazy05 Guest

    I'm also feeling real tired lately ... often leave work early just to take a nap ... lol ... lucky I have flexible work hours!

    GD test come back perfect which is good.

    At my checkups my midwife messures ... fundal height ... is that what its called? Anyway ... in the 4 weeks between visits it's changed by 6 cm!! Going from 24cm at just over 23 weeks to 30cm by just over 27 weeks ... so exciting!

    Getting harder to sleep these days ... tossing and turning like crazy and feel like I'm hawling a sack of wheat when i try to roll over ... lol

    Undies ... all I can say is look around ... usually Big W has stuff ... usually where I get everything. Although mum posted me up some size 26! undies a few weeks ago that she found when shopping ... such a relief ... lol

    Trying to find a maternity bra though is another problem though ... does anyone know if target have larger sizes? I went to big w where i get normal ones a) cos they have me size and b) the price is awesome. But i went searching for a m.b. and they only when to size 18! i was a bit ticked off.

    Had a stressful week with our real estate ... from anger, throwing things around the house, crying ... had a good day today though ... basically we got approved to rent a house on the condition we signed a form that said if our cats go inside AT ALL then we replace all the carpet. So we went to the tenancy board friday morning to discuss all our issues so we had the facts. Went to a few other real estates and looked at their houses, found one, put an application in. Due to our money situation our parents have offered to cover our bond for us so we can swap real estates (thank god).

    Had great pleasure this morning going to our current real estate and telling them that we're not taking their house and that we will let them know when we are moving (we have until 7/3 anyway ... they just sold ... ) ... jeez they were ticked off! Esp. cos they had told the new owners they could move in on the 13/2 ... they're like well you'll have to tell us on monday when you are moving ... i was like you'll get told when we're good and ready and walked out. Felt great! Just hope we get this other house now.

    Feeling a bit off today ... with all the driving yesterday and hanging with friends today I am terribly sunburnt, but have hayfever ... feel like crap ... very sore and sick of blowing my nose.

    I seem to be lucky so far ... no swelling of the ankles or fingers ... so far ... no doubt it's coming though ... lol

    Hope you're all doing well!

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    bruky Guest

    Hi gals

    I have just found this thread...a little too late of course but ah well.

    I am new here and have been reading not posting

    I am 40 weeks on Friday with #3 and am overweight!! Actually this time I started less than I was with the other two but have found out in the last 2 weeks that i can now not deliver in our hospitals birth suite!! My midwife is ropable to say the least...she is actually bigger than me.

    The hospital has enforced a new policy that any woman with a BMI over 30 cannot birth in the birthing suite :fuming: apparently we bleed more??? and the vitamin k shot has to be done via canular rather than in the leg as there is so much fat in the thigh....this is not the case with me at all as my legs are quite muscly.

    Basically nothing has changed but the venue...I now have to have bub in the delivery ward but my midwife said before the placenta is even out we are back downstairs to the birth centre

    I feel its discrimination really, I have not bled excessively after my babies and both times my placenta was out in about 5 minutes???

    First time I started @ 118kgs and went up to 127kgs
    second time I was about 120kgs and god knows what I went up to??
    this time I started @ 113kgs and am currently 118kgs so think I have done really well and should hopefully be less after bub is out??

    As for my belly this time I have had a lovely pregnant belly since about 6 months...last pregnancies I just looked fatter right until the end...this time I have enjoyed looking pregnant and have up until just recently **glowed**...lol

    I have had no probs with GD or BP....nothing to report at all but now I am higher risk???

    Anyway sorry for the whinge, glad to see there is a place I can feel 'at home' I just wish I had found this site earlier

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