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    I am prone to get migraines at the best of times, and in the last 5 days, I've had two which is alot more than usual. I am battling the 2nd one at the moment, and have gone a whole day with this one. The pharmacist reassured me that Panadol is safe to take while pregnant, and I did pop a couple this morning but to no relief. I am hesitant to take more as I somehow feel I shouldn't. Does anybody have any natural remedies to be rid of them. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi I get migraines when preg, panadol is fine, although I find it doesn't work, you can also take panadine or mersyndol safely.

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    I get severe migrains that are called Migrain with Aura. I have had 3 during this pregnancy. Panadol is perfectly fine to take throughout your pregnancy so dont worry about that. But the other thing i found good and which helped was to drink a large amount of water. Even though it will later make you pee like a hyron, it seems to work and help get rid of the migrain alot quicker.
    They are horrible things i really feel for you. Just also make sure you rest up.

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    I so hear you with the migraines. I used to get them terribly as a teenager, then after I had my DS they dropped off to one every few years. Now, this preg, I had the worst migraine Ive had since I was a teenager, with aura and vomiting, and on Mothers Day!! Panadol, Mersyndol etc do nothing for me.

    I have also been getting headaches, nearly every day! Ive been seeing my chiro twice weekly since last week and they are much better. He said my neck was out, and also gave me some acupuncture.

    Maybe something to look into? Hope this helps.

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    I also suffer from the bad aura/numbness migraines

    But i must be one of the very lucky one's that doesnt seem to get them when i'm pregnant. I get mild one's that are just the headache, but not the normal full blown one's. My doctor told me i can have a panadeine forte if the pain is unbearable, but only one. So far ive only needed to do this twice.

    Getting your neck looked at sounds like a good idea, sometimes that is what sets mine off too.

    Good luck and i hope your feeling better

    Lea x

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    I get them through my pregnancies too. All I could do was sleep.Dark quiet & sleep. U can take stronger pain relief. I don't know of anything natural though.

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    thanks for all your replies ladies... I have been able to reply earlier as I was struck down by more migraines since my post I might go get my neck checked out... I am a medical typist, and my neck always gives me grief.... hopefully that will help! Thanks heaps!

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