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Thread: No appetite :(

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    Default No appetite :(

    I've had quite a lot of nausea so far and the other night I spent throwing up which I think might have been a stomach bug (couldn't keep anything down for a while). I'm OK now but I just can't get into eating. I'm still taking my multis and trying to drink lots of fluids but food is just so uninspiring... which is not only making me a bit hungry (and the nausea worse, of course) but also a bit depressed because normally I'm a huge food fan!

    Any suggestions to get into eating again? I'm hoping it will go away in a couple of weeks when the nausea settles down but I'd really like to get over it before then!

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    Try really bland food like bread, dry crackers etc. I was the same, couldn't stand the thought of food, but as long as you are keeping your water intake up, you will be ok as your hunger will eventually come back

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    I'm never very hungry in any of my pregnancies - my advice is to eat what you feel like eating (within reason, but what I mean is, if you feel like a bowl of cereal at 11pm, go for it!). I find I get thirsty heaps more than I get hungry, so things like smoothies are great!

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    Crackers really helped me when I was feeling sick, and also cereal, especially first thing in the morning. Your appetite will be back soon, when bub has a spurt!
    I felt that making sure I didn't eat anything too rich seemed to help as well, as the girls said, plain stuff.. breads and so on!

    Although, banana smoothies were awesome and I even got my hubby to start having them too!

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