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    Default Shock Surprise!!!!

    I got a surprise when I went to my clinic appointment yesterday, when the midwife told me that i am actually due earlier then what i have been told all this time. The previous hospital i was going to had miscalculated. She then felt my tum and said that buba had turned into the breech position. I knew something wasn't right when on sat I got up to brush my teeth & buba made a big thump in my tum. He was in the correct position before that! I just hope he turns back in time, I really am worried about having a cs.

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    I read that something like 30% of bubs are in the breach position at 28 weeks and that steadily decreases to about 2-3% by the due date. Still plenty of time for bub to turn back!

    Good luck

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    Turn lil man...turn!!!

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    Did the midwife say what made her come to the conclusion that you are due earlier?
    I measured ahead, and u/s had me ahead, further and further each time - one month ahead at my last u/s, and DS was induced 10 days after my original Due date.

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    well I have transfered hospitals & this was my first clinic appoint with this midwife. She asked what the date of my last period was (as they all do) But I didn't know, I had an u/s at 6 weeks to find out at the previous hospital and the due date was always calculated from that. But this new midwife told me the proper way to calculated it from if you didn't now when your last period was, was from the 13 weeks scan ( the one that test down syndrome) as it was more accurate. Thus when she entered all my details in the computer it came up with the earlier date! I am 32 weeks now! I just hope baby turns back to the normal position as he was before!

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    The earlier scan is usually the most accurate....strange that she would say otherwise. All embryos measure about the same for the first few weeks, as its a primitive developmental thing, by the time you hit 13 weeks, there are differentiations in the embryo size. Other measurements later on might just mean you might have a bigger than 'average' baby. I was measuring about 6 weeks ahead of dates with my last pregnancy and induced at 37+4 (for high BP) she was born 9lb8oz (4.3kg), so was just a big baby which is why my measurements were always ahead.

    I would be hesitant to move my due date forward, especially if bubs is sitting breech. If they do then tell you that you *need* a c-section, they will book it before your due date (for some strange reason......not like they can't do it with the onset of labour......), and if your due date has incorrectly been moved forward, then you will be delivering a very premmie baby who risks respiratory distress and a stay in the NICU. Leaving your due date as the later date stops this from happening.

    Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy.

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    check out the spinning babies website - it has lots of great info

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