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Thread: Should baby's stomach be left sided?

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    Default Should baby's stomach be left sided?

    Hi all,

    I have been looking at some results from an ultrasound on Thursday, and had noticed that they have down that bub's stomach is left sided. After all the things that have popped up with this pg I would like to know if that sounds right. I have never seen that written on an u/s before.

    Sorry just want to add, they had difficuly to ultrasound due to Maternal Somatotype, I am assuming it is because of me being difficult to scan not the baby, but wanted to know what that means. Does anyone know?


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    did they offer you the chance to have another scan if there were problems with this one? I haven't ever heard of a left sided stomach LOL - I wonder what it means?

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    Maternal Somatotype means your shape. there are three somatotype shapes which are:
    endomorphic - generally shorter, round and cuddly
    mesomorphic - more average height and generally more muscular
    ectomorphic - tall and generally slim

    I am guessing that if your somatotype had an effect on the ability to scan you probably are endomorphic. But you are right, nothing to do with the bub at all.

    Sorry, I don't know about left sided stomach.

    ETA - Just had a though - not sure if this is relevant but they may be alluding to something which I think is called Isomerism where the organs in the body are a mirror image of what most people's are. It isn't anything to be worried about and while not common at least one person on BB has it (and they only found out by accident - and I can't for the life of me remember who it was this minute). Not sure if this is the case but it is just a though. It may be that the stomach is one of the first organs that has a place in the body that they can see on ultrasounds IYKWIM but I am not sure about that at all.
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    stomach should be on the left....liver and gll bladder are on the right....
    I've only every met one isomeric man and his heart was on the right and lungs reversed....never seen a gastro isomerism case though...

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    i'm not really sure either but i just wanted to add that a friend of mine had a child who is about 5 now and he has the mirror image thing going on. heart and other organs are on the opposite side. it isnt a problem at all though, he just needs to wear a bracelet in case of emergency and someone goes to do CPR on the wrong side etc.

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    Default late reply i knw

    hi, that is normal, your stomach is actualy on the left ide of your body. i thought our stomach was in the middle untill my now almost 6month baby was born with his stomach on the right side of his body. if the stomach is on the right side of the body this is not normal but is very,very uncommon. My son had to have surgery when he was born because of this. but his stomach is still on the right side but now all is fine. so you have nothing to worry about your baby's stomach is where it should be.

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