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Thread: SIzes of second bubba compared to first bubbas???

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    Harry was born at 38 weeks, approx. 8 hr labour and he weighed 7lb 9oz.
    Grace was born at 40 weeks exactly, approx. 2 hr labour and she weighed 7lb 10oz.

    As Harry was born 2 weeks early I am sure he would have been an 8 pounder had he been born at 40+ weeks. So in my case my second was actually smaller. I don't know if the fact that she was a girl has anything to do with it.

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    joshua 8lb 4oz @ 39+6 weeks, 26 hours
    jessica 8lb 5oz @ 39+4 weeks, 6 hours
    sean 9lb 4oz @ 36+4 weeks, 25 minutes
    timothy 7lb 10oz @ 38weeks, induced, 4.5 hours
    nicole 7lb 12 [email protected] 38 weeks, induced, 4 hours

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    Joel - 40 + 3 days, 3780gm. approx 2.5 hours
    Brandon - 39 weeks, 3785gm, approx 1.5 hour
    Noah - 38 + 4 days, 3700gm, C section
    Tehya - 39 + 6 days, approx 3710gm - although that was clothed so probably lighter, approx 10 hours.
    So I was getting quicker. Damn 7 year gap

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    Hello there thanks so much for all the replies it is interesting in the sizes and length of labours i dont think there is alot of truth in some of the myths as some people do have smaller babies and longer labours vice verus we will see in 24 weeks for me LOL...

    Just curious some of you mums have said you were induced at 38+ weeks may i ask why was it due to the size of bubs or for personal reasons????

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