thread: some first pregnancy help?

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    some first pregnancy help?

    im about to go into my 8th week on thurs, ive had 3 hcg level tests (first 27.2 at around 4 weeks, 1228 at end of fifth week, then 14000 and that was last week) and i had my date ultrasound last week also where i saw bub in the uterus and the doc could see the heartbeat and everything was fine.. so if i was looking at it from someone elses view, id be extremely happy with how things are going.. but for myself im having such a hard time keeping myself positive. ive had no bleeding whatsoever, nothing to indicate any problems but i cant even get to sleep at night not knowing if everything is okay. i hope i dont sound silly i just feel really uncomfortable being in the first trimester. any tips to help me relax about it all? i hope i posted this in the right section, if not, sorry!

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    I know how you feel, I felt the same. I don't know if this will help but I talked to my belly (even though I wasn't showing) and that seemed to help me. That and talking about it on here also really helped. I guess the best thing for me was just looking at the pictures and remembering what the heartbeat sounded like.

    Now I can feel her move pretty much all the time so that is really reassuring. I guess we all feel the same until we have the little ones in our arms.

    Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and keep talking about the feelings if they don't go away

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    The first trimester is always a bit stressful, hon. The best thing you can do is focus on all the positive things you mentioned. Heck, I even bled and everything was perfect. I was told that once you see a heartbeat the chance of things going wrong are so very very slim it's almost impossible. At this stage there's no real outside indication that you're pg, which just makes it that tougher. Not much longer left in the first tri for you, though!!
    Here's to a h & h 40 weeks!!!!

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    I think this sort of worry is something every first time mum goes through, particularly if you have been ttc for a while or experienced a loss previously. I found massage was a way to help me relax. I also made up a little mantra for myself that I said when ever I got worried. It went something like 'This baby will be born strong and healthy and will live a long and happy life', I even found myself saying it a few times in labour when I thought things were not going right. Just think though 4 more weeks and much of the risk associated with the first trimester will be gone. Your doing great honey, hang in there.

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    thanks so much for your help im especially glad to hear about once you see a heartbeat is very very slim for something to go wrong, and that if there is bleeding you can still be okay! i check like a maniac, i dont know what id do if i found anything without knowing it could still be alright. i think talking to my belly and also saying something outloud if i worry will help alot aswell. thankyou

    also i thought i might ask - is there any particular stage where its safest to get dental work done? i fractured one of my teeth and they want to pull it out, but at the moment its not giving me any trouble. should i wait?

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    No problem in getting your dental work, in fact it's important to stay healthy and infection free So go to the dentist, just make sure that he/she knows that you are pregnant and how far along you are. And get that tooth fixed.

    And don't fret about bubba being ok. It's normal to have niggels about bubba's safety, but there are NO BETTER PLACE than where bubba is right now. You body will keep bubba safe and healthy

    Happy Healthy Pregnancy

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    Hi, I found the first trimester of my 2nd pregnancy harder than my first. I was more stressed about losing the baby and refused to buy anything for bubs arrival until just this week at 22 weeks. I'd heard so many horror stories and had 2 small bleeds and i didn't want to get my hopes up but now I'm starting to relax a little bit. I don't think you ever really stop worrying though, until you deliver a healthy bub

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    I second Shalou's comment. I worried until a fair way into my second trimester. It was like I couldn't shake the 1st trimester worries. However, it does get better. And as for checking everytime you go to the toilet I still do that and I'm just into my third trimester You van't stop worrying.

    Try, try, try and relax. Trust that your body knows what it's doing and that you ARE going to get some very strange pains and sensations. As my Mum kept reminding me, EVERYTHING is moving so that's gonna hurt! Breathe and try not to google! The internet can be the biggest problem for first time mums

    At least it's only a few more weeks till you get to see your precious little one again. I found the worst wait was waiting between the 12w u/s and the 20w u/s cause I couldn't feel Peanut moving and I didn't really start to show till 18-20w. Now I can feel Peanut moving about lots and that's so reassuring.

    Good luck and for a h & h 40w's

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    Do you have any morning sickness at all? My head stuck in a toilet bowl was always a good reminder that all was going well.....

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    Cathy I'm also pregnant with my first & I was a complete mess before my 12 week scan. I felt like I couldn't even get excited about being pregnant in case I somehow jinxed myself & something went wrong. I was constantly running to the loo day & night to check for bleeding. The day of my scan I was convinced I would be coming home without a baby. I never told anyone how scared I was in case people would think I was weird. Turns out that it's actually quite normal to have these feelings
    So try not worry, you're not alone!! You will start to relax & become positive on your own accord. I got a good pregnancy book that had sections in it about when to seek medical help, & kept thinking if none of it was happening the baby was okay!!