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    kirsty Guest

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    Okay a quick run down first before I get started.

    Fell pg Nov 2003, pg went well until we had a leak & then subsequently lost our 2nd son at 18w5d gestation in March 2004.

    Currently 7wks pg & am starting to stress myself out big time about this pg going well. I have heard of success stories where others have had babies no troubles after an unexplained leak has caused them to lose a baby before, but that doesn't seem to be enough for me to relax a bit.

    I find myself getting worried every time I feel myself getting a bit "wetter" down there (sorry if tmi) when in my rational mind I know it is all probably just pg related & usually end up going to the toilet to check my knickers, which are always dry (so far anyway). I can't get it out of my head what happened in our last pg & find myself thinking about it all the time in this pg. I've even put a folded up tissue in my knickers on the thinking that if I am in fact leaking it will get wet & show it, where if I used a pad it won't work coz they are designed to soak up moisture.

    I've spent most of this afternoon in tears talking to DH about it all & whether I will ever cope being pg this time around, he has suggested that maybe I should talk to someone & think that this has real possibilities BUT who do I go & see.

    Could I start by going to the maternity ward at my local hospital & maybe speaking to a midwife??? Or is there someone else who might be able to help me??

    Thanx for any suggestions that anyone has.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Hi Kirsty

    Firstly big hugs to you sweetie, it must be awful to have those thoughts constantly on your mind.I would go to the maternity ward and make an appointment to see a doc or midwife and discuss your concerns with them. They'd be able to suggest someone that you could speak to to help you through this.

    Take care...

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    Kirsty - It must be so hard for you after what you have been through. Maybe you could call the maternity ward and they can recommend someone for you to talk to?

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    Melinda Guest


    You have a pretty good relationship with your GP don't you Kirst? I'd actually suggest going to see him as a first port of call - he knows you, and your history.

    He may be able to ease your concerns a bit, or point you in the direction of someone who can.

    Take care sausage.

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    I think its completely reasonable to be stressing. I know I would be in your shoes. There are heaps of people to talk to. At Geelong Hossy they have a maternity support worker who is free to book in and see. I would imagine that other hossy's have a similar setup (if you are public....)

    I saw ours when I was about 34weeks for anxiety, and it was really great. We didn't talk about anything in particular, but it felt nice to have someone chat about the weather, and give me an all clear. She even came up to find me after I had Jenna to check and see if everything had gone OK, and if everything was OK.

    Although someone having a chat like this might ease your mind, it almost sounds like you need some medical answers about what wont go wrong this time around. Does that make sense? Do you have reasons as to what happened last time, and have they made assurances that everything is good to go this time?

    It must be really tough. I remember feeling the same way about any "wetness" with jenna, and I didn't have your history.

    I hope someone can help you soon. You deserve to have an enjoyable pregnancy - not one filled with worry.

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    ~Sarah~ Guest


    I agree with going to the maternity ward....They should have maternity councelors....My girlfriend had one for her second because her first bub didnt make it. The councelor would not only see her but she would also call her once a week and check in on her.

    Of course your worried....By god women what an ordeal! The support is there you just have to get in there and hog a piece of it....Besides hon you can always whinge to your lovely August buddies....we dont mind Sweetie!

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    Pietta Guest


    I agree with everyone- it is so understandable that you feel this way. I also agree with going to see your GP and/or hospital.

    I hope you are able to feel wonderful again soon sweet

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    Hi Kirsty

    A big comfy hug for you.

    Please try not to stress It would be very unusual for the same thing to happen to you again.
    I am sure that if you went to your local hospital one of the Midwives there would be willing to talk to you.

    If I can help in any way please let me know

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    You know my story and honestly, I stressed from the day I found out I was pregnant till this very day. My very frequent trips to the loo were nothing other than embarassing, I remember when she started to move I stressed that she would jump on my cervix and my waters would break again.
    If you have a great relationship with your obst talk to him about your fears. And maybe he could ring the hospital to talk to one of the counsellors. The PND lady at our private hospital knew my history and worked as a sort of "liason" for me when I was soooo stressed out I couldn't talk.

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