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    I am a very tall woman. I am 6'3" and i weigh 80kgs. My partner is 6'6" and weighs 85kgs. I have been told at my 13 week ultrasound my baby will be really long too. I have a few questions.

    1. I want to get a carrier but so far the only option that i can find is that i will have to have a sling made for me. I cant get a hug a bub i am too tall for it to be considered safe when they take into account my width. Does anyone know any other brands i can try (i have already tried all the leading carrier brands, same result)?

    2. Change table and strollers. I have not been able to find any tall enough for me. I have a pram which my mums friend had from the 70's which is fine but i cant find tall change tables or strollers for tall people. Does anyone know anywhere where i could get them or am i destined to be a hunchback?

    3. When i am buying baby clothes i am really unsure about sizing. We know the baby is going to be really long. The legs were over twice the normal legnth of a fetus on the ultrasound (when i was born i was 67cms long). Does that mean 00 from birth? what about jumpers and things. Wont they be too loose and maybe ride up on poor little bub?

    I am just very confused about everything.

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    Fishy, I hadn't heard that about HAB. They have extra long ones available I know but I didn't realise there would be any problem if a person were taller than average. A lot of blokes wear them and they are well over six feet. Did HAB tell you this or was it someone else?

    You could try Ergo if you haven't already. They are a more structured carrier but with a strong waist support strap. Try Googling them for Australian suppliers.

    Size wise for clothes ... you could try buying nightdresses instead of all in ones or get those Bonds suits which have the open cuff and take some socks for the baby to wear instead. That way you have some leeway.

    Sorry I can't think of any more suggestions. I hope someone who is on the taller side can pop in and give you some ideas about how they went about choosing things.

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    I have a very tall friend over 6ft and her partner is closer to 7ft. both their 2 children when born were not that much diffent height wise than your average baby, but they got taller very quickly. Her now 2.5 yr old is now the same height as my 5 yr old.

    I am not sure of the pram she used, but she had a standard size change table. Could you instead purchase a change mat and use that on a higher surface to change baby than purchasing a change table itself ??


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    I agree with shannon on the HAB thats totally incorrect as there are plenty of dads that use them with ease. Whoever told you that doesn't know what they are talking about. HAB also comes in larger sizes too to accomodate larger people and taller people. In reality its one big piece of material so its supposed to stretch. My husband is 6 ft and he wore the HAB fine, and had to wrap it around his middles at least twice (with all the excess fabric)...


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    We have a baba sling and my DH uses it fine... he is 6'4.
    We also have the Infa Duo Genius change table... and he feels more comfortable using it than what I do being that I am 5'4... though I am more comfortable using the bath section of it where as he has to bend a little.

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    The Phil & Ted E3 pram has an adjustable handle. My sister has one, and her hubby is 6'2, and has no problems with it at all. And adjusting the height is easy if someone shorter wants to push the pram for a while.

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    At the 13 week ultrasound the femer length was 6cm and the ctr legnth was 6.5cm. So VERY long legs. We are checking with the next ultrasound the exact legnths. 2 weeks ago when i had an emergancy ultrasound due to my placenta abruption they commented that the legs were huge!!! So i am just getting prepared for the fact that i will probably have a very leggy baby.

    I actually called up hugabub about their carriers that are longer in the material for tall people and the normal legnth ones. They advised if i am tall with a small waist and shoulders and huge boobies like i have that there is a risk of bubs falling and to not use their product. I had the same answer with all of my telephone calls to differant carrier companies. I was wondering if anyone has any other ideas for a carrier except for the sling?

    I have a good pram that is perfect for my height i just need to find a stroller and a change table. I have found heaps of prams with adjustable legnths in the handles but no strollers for when bubs gets a bit older. I was hoping that there would be a change table tall enough for both me and my DF because my grandmother wants to buy us one. I don't want to have to prop the change table on books. I also have to take DF into account 6'6" is the conservative estimate for his height.

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    Hi Bernie,

    We're another tall couple expecting a long baby. We actually picked up a second hand change table which seems to be the right height for us and I think it was originally bought from Babyco. It also seems to be longer than the average change table (we tried to buy a new mattress for it and haven't been able to find anything yet).

    For the pram - we bought the Mountain Buggy. It has an ergonomically adjustable pram handle and is perfect for us (we've had a play with it in the store and when we got ours home).

    For the baby sling, we haven't gotten that far yet - I'm waiting until the baby is here so I can see what is comfortable for all three of us once they are in it.

    For cothes, I still have a few 0000 but mostly 000 and 00. It really depends on the KIND of clothes you are putting them in at the beginning. Being a summer baby, we have mostly legless bodysuits and we are expecting our babies length to come from the legs as opposed to the torso.

    Another thing to consider is the kind of car seat you are going to use. We were told that most babies outgrow their seats in height before weight. We got a Safe'n'Sound seat that is suitable from birth to 18Kg and has this insert that you can extend upwards once they become too tall to receive adequate head protection from the "main" part of the seat. The extension (just slides up from the main bit and is attached when you buy it) gives a little extra time before having to move them to a different seat. I got mine from Baby Bunting (same as my pram) and I think it cost about $450 from memory.



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    Hi Berni,

    I'm 6ft tall. Before I had DS Iwas 72kg, and wasn't told there would be a prob with a HAB, but if thats what they told you then I guess they know what they're talking about. (As it turned out I was in triple figure at the end of my pregnancy so would have been OK for me by then)

    You could either get a sling made for you (not sure where though and whether if would make much difference.)

    I got a pram that converts to a stroller so not sure with that one either.

    Regarding clother, the leglss bodysuits I would get no smaller than 000-00. It really depends whether your bub has just got long legs, or is long in the body as well -- I'm 6ft but have normal length legs and very long from bum to chest

    It would only be all-in-one romeper with feet in them that might be too small, and even the you could cut off the foot part and sew a hem..

    I use a boori change table/chest of drawers, its fine for me but not sure about your DF... My g/f has a table propped up on pavers for hers.
    I have not seen any extra tall versions though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shannon View Post
    I hope they can give you an accurate measurement at the next ultrasound - someone obviously made a bit of a boo boo last time.
    We thought it may have been a boo boo when the first doctor did the ultrasound so she swapped with another doctor and we walked to another room and it was the same. So no it wasn't a boo boo. Very long legs lol.

    With the baby seat we have purchased a reversable infant to 18kg seat that you turn around. This way if it is only the legs bubs will still fit. We were given a baby capsule to use at first and we are getting to know how to use both incase the baby is premature or something so at least we can take bubs home.

    My mothers best friend used to sell slings that she made from scratch at her hat store. She would also make hats. She has asked me to research if i can have any other type of carrier except the sling. At least i will get some nice slings for free.

    I am not so fussed about the change table. At the very worst i will change bubs on the floor. The stroller though, is something i will need. Oh well i will just have to cart bubs around on my hip if i cant find one. That or become a hunchback.

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    Just a thought about the change table - I saw at Ikea that they had made a change table from a fold down panel on the front of a wall unit type piece of furniture- the bottom part had drawers and the top part shelves- wondering whether this could suit better than a normal change table - or if you could get something similar made up with the change table shelf at the right height for you?

    Not sure if that description made sense, but looked online - the product is HENSVIK cabinet with changing table.

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