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    I used to suffer with migraines before I was PG but had learnt to read the signs and take something before it reached migraine stage.
    Yesterday I had my 2nd migraine in two weeks and i'm really concerned I'm going to start getting these regularly..
    I ended up in bed from 3pm and got up this morning at 9am.
    I ended up sick last night which i think was a continuation from my m/s earlier in the day but the pounding headache is just ridiculous.

    What can I take for headache??

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    A cold face pack, panadol and panadeine forte can be used in pregnancy - of course see your GP for the forte.

    When not pregnant though, I saw a show on Foxtel about botox being successfully used to treat migranes. They had someone come on the show who it's worked really well for. I guess you wouldnt get wrinkles too LOL
    Kelly xx

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    Hey snow, as far as I know panadol is the only thing you can take when youre pg. Maybe panadeine (sp?) but not sure on that one.
    I get migraines too, but know that my triggers are lack of sleep, dehydration & eating too much oranges or chocolate so I stay away from them!
    Sorry, I know I'm not much help... hope your headaches go away soon darl

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    I'm a recurrent migraine sufferer too snowchickie, and I thought i'd never cope. My migraines were crippling at the start of my pregnancy, and i can only thank my lucky stars that i was off work studying for the first few months as i was down with migraines for days at a time. None of my old medications were allowed.
    Since 18/20 weeks i have been 100% migraine free and feel so amazingly lucky. I hated taking 8 panadeine forte everyday as well as a few maxalon - and DH was beside himself trying to make sure me and baby were ok. I'm not sure why they stopped - but they did, and i'm grateful.

    Here is a thread i found at the time...

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    have you tried getting the alignment of your back checked at all? i've been a migraine sufferer for years and the only thing that works for me is to get my back corrected as there is usually a vertebrae out - i've spoken to the chiro about pregnancy, and he stated that the relaxin your body makes can make it worse cos the muscles holding the bones in place lose some of their tone...

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    Hi snowchickie!
    Sorry to hear your migraines are playing up. Not fun!
    I don't get them myself, but do know for sure (as a pharmacist) that Panadol, Panadeine, Panadeine 15 (higher amount of Codeine than reg Pandeine, but not as much as Panadeine Ft), Panadeine Forte, and Mersyndol Night Strength are all Category A in Pregnancy. Category A drugs are the safest to use in pregnancy. They are those drugs "which have been taken by a large number of pregnant women without any increase in the frequency of malformations or other direct or indirect harmful effects on the fetus having been observed" (just quoting from the Royal Women's Hospital Drugs and Pregnancy book).
    Panadeine Forte is the strongest out of those I've listed, but yes you do need a script from your doc. If you would prefer not to have to visit your GP, then Mersyndol is probably the best out of these, and for many, works just as well as Panad Ft. It's available over the counter at yor pharmacy. Only prob is it will probably cause drowsiness (as will Panad Ft / Panad 15), and anything with codeine in it (all listed apart from Panadol) may lead to constipation (usually only if taken for a good few days, but then in Pgcy, only a few doses, may back you up). Hope that helps hun. Ofcourse, see your GP if you are really having no luck.

    As an alternative to drug therapy, a couple of things I've heard great reports from are:
    -essential oils (lavendar)dabbed on your temples, back of neck, and pillow case. Also in burner.
    -ice packs on face/head, and back of neck
    -plenty of water / gatorade
    -1 cup of coffee / coke (the caffeine can help, but keep to a minimum)

    I really hope you get some relief soon.
    Best of luck,


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    Thanks BellyBelly, I didn't think I could take Panadol and even better if I can take panadeine forte .. I used to just take a few panadol and if the headache continued would take aspalgin which is an over the counter one and you disolve in water but it does wonders with my migraines.

    briggsy's girl - It's funny you ask because those are my main triggers as well as too much sun.. I know my back is out at the moment as my neck is a little stiff and last night i could feel the tension up through my neck and lower back. I normally have to go to regular pilates/yoga classes to keep my back in top shape but haven't been since before was PG. I'm planning to go back to pilates next week as I knew yesterday that was a main reason for the migraine. Am I ok to go and get my back realigned at my physio while PG?? Obviously I would tell him but is that ok?

    arielle - thanks for the suggestions. Will give those a go. I do think I may be a little dehydrated but my tummy is all over the place and drinking or eating is the last thing I feel like doing, even though I know it's important. My sense of smell is so very sensitive right now. I can smell things my hubby can't smell which is driving me nuts.

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    Good question about re-aligning during Pg. I am not sure, but I think it's ok. My hips were out the other day, and I meant to ask my Ob if it were ok to see a chiro / Osteo, but forgot. Clever!
    I am guessing a quick phonecall to a chiro / osteo clinic would help clear that one up.

    Oh I so know what you mean about not wanting to eat or drink much. Thankfully it does get much better, so hang in there. Was just thinking that perhaps your headaches could be partly triggered by low blood sugar also, so try as much as poss to eat what you can (complex carbs best). As far as drinking goes, the advice would be the same as for if you had gastro - don't try to drink large volumes at once, as it's bound to upset a sensitive stomach. Just have small sips or a teaspoonful every few minutes. Keep it up as an ongoing thing. You may find cold fluids go down better?? See if it helps?

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