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Thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC - Nov 2007

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    traceylee Guest


    Hi All,

    I am so very, very happy. Had another ultrasound today and amazingly heard the heartbeat. This may not be much to some, but what I've been through, it means everything. I cry out of sheer happiness when I think about what a miracle it truly is. Baby waved to me and I couldnt help but break down and of course I waved back. Everything is "Perfect" Im told. Right size, shape, strong heartbeat and Prof said baby looks like my husband - ugly. I laughed so hard.

    I was shocked to see how many of you guys are on asprin. Must be a common thing.

    Hope you are all well and will keep in touch.

    Tracey Lee

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    Tracey Lee, what a beautiful moment you had!!!! I think most of us in here will understand how you feel about what a miracle it is... so glad you shared your moment with us. And how cute that bubs waved to you, maybe it was a thumbs-up?

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    That's wonderful Tracey!

    I think the aspirin thing is very common for people doing IVF - I never really got an explanation for why I'm on it... figure it can't be hurting anyway.

    Congrats on 28 weeks Kimbe, it's really not much longer for you either... It's good you're able to use your BH to practice (gotta see the bright side, huh?). I've been getting them for ages, but lucky for me they don't hurt.

    You're right Mako, and I do enjoy it most of the time. Let us know when that pic is up

    Glad to hear Felix is doing well Monnie.

    How're you doing Jo? Poor little Jenna. It's so tough on her and you. Hope you can get that magic mixture soon. (I have noted the number also, thanks Monnie).

    Hi to everyone else

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    Hi Ladies

    Marcellus - welcome back glad to hear you had a good if not exhausting break.

    Kimbe - Congrats on hitting 28weeks, wow your properly pregnant now

    Traceylee - Yeay on your scan it must be such a relief.

    Big hello to all the new girlies.....

    Me - well still waiting for some movement, im getting the odd pain but nothing that I would shout from the rooftops, as it could be anything. Im really waiting for a big alien style kick, then i'll be a true believer hehe.

    We have my 18week ultrasound next Monday and we are debating wether or not to find out the sex if it comes up.....I really just dont know, but seeing bub again will be good. Then I am allowed to start buying yipee

    Belly Rubs for everyone xx

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    I too sometimes get that sharp pain in the you know what Sazzafraz, now I know. Cheeky little one, I recon it laughing at us as its doing it.

    Ohh Jo, you poor darling hugs to you and Jenna, hope she starts to get better soon.

    Mako, I am very much looking forward to the photo of Sage

    Mako, Its pleasing to know the little Felix is doing well.

    Kimbe, yay for 28 weeks, its so close now......

    Traceylee, well done on the positive scan, its great new....

    Lismith, wishing you all the best with your scan. DH and I had tears in our eyes when we had our 20 week scan.

    Well ladies, I am off to Byron Bay for 7 days on Friday so will not be online for a while, wishing you all the best, and if any of you are off on a break, please take care. Hugs and belly rubs to you all.

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    Monnie - thank you for the number, I haven't phoned yet because I needed something urgent & I am trying some chemist mixture which seems to be really helping so I'll keep going with that for the moment.
    Well it turns out bub does have colic which was why she was so miserable but since trying that mixture seems to be on the improve which is such a relief, thanks all for thinking of us.

    Mako - we had Jenna's photo taken with santa too, isn't it just sooooooooo cute?

    Kimbe - it wont be long now, you're on the home stretch.

    Traceylee - wonderful news that everything is perfect.

    Lismith25 - finding out the sex is such an indivivdual thing, I never thought I would find out until I actually became pg & then I had to know & it was good because we could refer to her as a her it made it more personal but you do what you think which you will probably realise what that is when you're in the appointment.

    Ltl Panda - have a wonderful time.

    Jo - 28 (treated endo)
    Dh - 34

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    New thread time, ladies.

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