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thread: Pregnancy After Long Term TTC - October, '05

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    Sal Guest

    Gab, YAY at you being a lady of leisure now! You look great! I love the nursery, especially the flooring, very colourful.

    Tracey, just had a squiz at your website - Maddy and Indah are gorgeous girls!

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Lookin' good, Gab! The nursery looks fantastic. I bet you can't wait to use all of that cool stuff! That's what I was most looking forward to when I was expecting. Yay for no more work! Good to hear that things are going well with Munchy. Not long now!!

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    May 2004

    OMG Tiff, hope you are feeling better now, you must have given yourself, along with everyone else a big shock fainting like that.

    Tam & Gab - Love your pictures! Gab, I especially like the mat in munchys room!

    Hope everyone is aok!

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    Jan 2005
    New Zealand

    Yay Gab - glad to hear you've finished work and can rest up somewhat now. The nursery looks fantastic and you look even more fantastic!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber
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    Sep 2004
    Melb - where my coolness isn't seen as wierdness


    I love the room! Perfect for a little boy! You've done so well and I love the painting of Dory!

    Well, I won't be decorating the little'un's room until it arrives becoz DH and I have decided that we are going to leave the sex as a surprise!

    Talked about it last night and he figured that coz he does't care what sex it is, he thinks it would be fun to not know until the bub's born. How exciting! We get to choose both a boy's name and a girl's name now!

    Neutral colours for the cot and a few green body suits should do us until after the little'un is born!


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    Feb 2005

    Hi Girls,

    Naughty me, sneaking on here when I have work to do. Crikey, I hope nobody is watching ...

    Sal - time is rushing away for you. 90 days already! Are you shocked?

    Tiff - I hope you are feeling better after your fainting incident. It must have been scary for you. Not long till those little beauties arrive.

    Gab- I'm glad you're finally finished work. I am also gob-smacked with admiration at your considerable creative skills ... you have so many talents!

    Sush - Good on you for holding out over finding out the sex. I've caved and will be hopefully finding out the flavour of ours at the next ultrasound. Sadly, the only reason is so that I can buy the appropriate colours. I've bought a fair bit of yellow and white but I'm just longing to branch out into a new shade!

    Tam - You are looking great too and so is the nursery. It's so exciting with all the twins in here.

    Jo - Hope things are going well for you and your little ones. Is Jack taking to that bed yet? How are you after your fall?

    Hayseed - Hope that ankle of yours is on the mend.

    Shazz - Hope things are going well for you.

    Apart from that, not much happening here. My health and state of mind have definitely improved. The obstetrician said it's quite common for depression to occur alongside morning sickness. I said, good, because I couldn't understand feeling this way when all I've wanted for so long is a baby.

    Luckily that stage seems to have well and truly passed.

    Hope you are all doing well.



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    Jan 2005
    2hrs from Sydney, NSW

    Awesome Gab, is there anything ur not good at... :-)

    Sush, that's great that u both agree on it, it's a shame when 1 wants to know & the other doesn't (like my cuz) so neither find out. In our case, we are hangin to find out the surprise early... hehe, everyone's diff.

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    Oct 2004
    Beaconsfield, Victoria

    Hi Mel good to see all is going well for you

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    Feb 2004

    I'll update a bit later guys, my stupid computer is playing up :roll:

    Gab, loving the nursery & OMG Shell is right - is there anything you can't do?! I just wonder how you have the time to paint, quilt & crosstitch (was it?) aaaand work all of those long hours.

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    Feb 2005

    No probs Sarah. Have sent you a PM too with another small update. =)

    I forgot to mention in my last post that I have actually felt definite movement this week. I thought I felt it the first time in week 15 but this week, I know it for sure. It doesn't happen when I'm walking around but the minute I sit or lie down ... "rat a tat tat" just below my navel. Definitely not gas ... gas I know. This is all new.

    It's a pleasant surprise as I've been reading that sometimes you don't feel movement until week 18 if it is your first baby. Good to see Apple is getting in early.

    Okay, got to get cracking but I'll be back to check on updates from you lovelies later.

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    Sal Guest

    Hello girls! Well first a bit of news from me: DP is now DH! We got married last night in Ballina, it was VERY low-key (just my parents were there, actually it was a surprise to them, they just thought we were going out to dinner!) and lovely. We are both very very happy.

    Hi Mel! So glad to see you back on BB. Yes, being under 90 days to go is a big shock, I'm nearly at the point of accepting that I will indeed have a baby in the near future! Ooh, not long for you to find out the flavour of apple. I'm getting girl vibes from you. How exciting that you feel definite movement

    Very exciting with all the upcoming 18/19w scans!!

    I wish the LT TTC girls would get a wriggle on, at this stage this thread will be empty after May!

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    Feb 2005

    Oh my God, SAL!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! That is just the best news!

    Hope you had a fantastic day. There's nothing like your wedding day, no matter how big or small. I still remember what a happy experience ours was.

    Whoops ... edited to add something about the flavour of the baby.

    You probably know that I've been thinking it's a boy right from the start. Seeing the resemblance to DH on ultrasound convinced me even more. But I had a play around with the Chinese gender prediction chart last night and it said "Girl". I also saw a Chinese medical practitioner last week and she said "Girl" as well. It will be interesting to see who is really in there!

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    tiggy Guest

    CONGRATULATIONS Sal!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is fantastic news! :happy4u: :happy4u:

    :gossip: any sign of your parcel?

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    Feb 2004

    Oh wow Sal, congratulations to you both

    Annnd everyone's details are all updated.

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    Jan 2004

    Just dropping in to say congratulations Sal!! Sounds like it was a perfect night.


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    Sal Guest

    Thanks, girls! For those of you don't know, I've been married before, so had thought I'd never get married again. But DH is just the perfect man and I had already made a lifelong commitment to him (albeit privately) so it really is just a social thing to make the commitment a public one.

    Tiff, I have the 'pick up from post office' slip of paper thingy, have to go get it on Monday. Slacker, I know!

    Mel, I guess the great thing is that you and DH will be thrilled no matter the flavour. Do you find boys' names harder to agree on with your DH than girls' ones?

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    May 2004

    WOW Sal, A huge congrats to you and *DH*!!!
    Btw, where did you buy your prefolds from?

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    Feb 2005

    Sal, it's always nice to see well-suited people making it official. I've been to weddings where I've thought "God, they'll be lucky to last five minutes" and others where I couldn't stop crying because I know how much the couple cares about each other. Warms the ****les of your heart it does! And you're right about the names ... boys names are harder to choose sometimes. We've settled on one now so I'm pretty happy about that. It turned out to be the one I've had in mind for years anyway!

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