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Thread: clexane during pregnancy

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    Default stillbirth at 29wks

    is anyone on clexane injections due to growth retardation? we lost our little boy, Kyle, at 29wks as he stopped growing around 20wks. They found tiny clots in the placenta which cut off nutrients, blood flow and oxygen. Has anyone had the same problem?

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    hi steph26
    Im new to the site and really happy Ive found it. Like you we lost our baby girl Sabrina last year at 23 weeks, and now am 16 weeks pregnant and on clexane injections and asprin daily. Ive taken these from the moment I found out I was pregnant at around 4 weeks. Ive got Antiphospholipid syndrome and lupus which make my blood sticky and cause blood clots in the placenta stopping the babys growth. I pray every day that this works and im quite nervous but trying to be positive.

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    im so sorry to hear that, how are you coping? Like you, i started clexane at 4 wks, i am now nearly 22 weeks and have the very important scan on wednesday. I'm so scared they are going to tell me the baby has IUGR again . You have to stay positive, hard i know. Let me know how you get on

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    Good luck for your scan steph, im sure all will be just fine. Please let me know how you go, I'll send positive vibes all day wednesday to you. Have you had any scans during your pegnancy to ease your mind? Ive orginised an extra one at 17.5 weeks before the 20 week scan just to try and sleep better.
    Ive read so many good stories of the same thing happening to other pregnant girls and then taking clexane and having healthy baby so keep that in mind. Im thinking of you and know how you feel.

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    Hiya, thank you for the vibes! We last had a scan at 12 weeks and things were fine then. I also have to have my bp checked every week and the doctor measured my tummy and had a feel and said that it feels like a 20 week baby in there and that was at 19 weeks. Apparantly that is a good indicator of growth.

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    That sounds fantastic! Im sure tomorrow's scan will confirm all that the doctos said. And then you will be able to enjoy the beautiful images of your bub. Still sending the good vibes to you

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    hiya, just got back from hospital, its a girl! everything is fine apart from the fact that im at high risk of getting pre-eclampsia. They did a test to measure my blood resistance and its high. if its not one thing its another. What happened to your previous baby? Was it growth restriction? Thinking of you

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    Quote Originally Posted by steph26 View Post
    hiya, just got back from hospital, its a girl! everything is fine apart from the fact that im at high risk of getting pre-eclampsia. They did a test to measure my blood resistance and its high. if its not one thing its another. What happened to your previous baby? Was it growth restriction? Thinking of you
    Hey thats great news, a little girl! Hope you can rest easy now. Dont worry about the pre-eclampsia im sure they will monitor your blood pleasure or you could get a home kit and do it yourself. Im sure you know all the signs to look for, like me youve most likley become an expert in your condition with all the reserch. I got some results back from my blood specialist who ive been told is the best in the state for my type of thing( he works out of monash clayton), all looks good just really iron difficiant and have to up my vitamins and meat. Sabrina was over three weeks under growth and just getting smaller, blood clots in the placenta caused this. Ive got ythat sticky blood syndrome, do you have a similar condition?

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    hiya, how are you? Have you had your scan yet? i have had probs with my pc so havent been online. They havent tested me for sticky blood, something i will have to ask my consultant about. Are you in the uk?

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    Hi steph, hope you are ok, im in australia melbourne. Where are you? Had my 20 week scan last week and all is good but to be honest just want scans every week just to be sure.I noticed you werent on line so havent been on for a while 2. I will sign on again 2morrow to see if you have replyed, hope your pc has improved.

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    hiya, im so glad things are ok for you, they should keep scanning you every four weeks now like they are me. had another follow up scan yesterday and she is perfect, estimated weight is 1lb 14oz! how much does your baby weigh at the moment? im in freezing cold london, uk !

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    I just saw this thread. I'm sorry to hear of your losses! I took clexane (along with other things) in my last pregnancy after my losses and my son was born happy and healthy (and late!) at 7lbs7oz.

    Clexane is a real drag. But it works little miracles.

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    hiya thank you, well so far so good! I'm currently 27 weeks and if it wasn't for the clexane im sure i would get blood clots again. Glad to hear of your little one

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    Hi, I know this is an old thread but I would really like to contact Hayley "mumof2beauties" because I had similar experiences to her (two losses, one at 21 weeks the other at 19 weeks and have been told that it would be advisable to start clexane for next pregnancy).

    I am very scared and paranoid about this entire heparin thing...3 years ago when my husband and I started TTC we could've never imagined that this would be such a long and tragic journey but I guess we must be strong.

    Please if Hayley or anyone that knows her reads this message I would really appreciate it if she could contact me through this thread or my personal e-mail [email][email protected][/email]

    Thank you so much,

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    Steph and Mina: I just noticed that your posts say 2008! So it means that you are currently pregnant or recently had your bundles of joy. I am sorry for the pain you have experienced before but I hope everything has turned out great with your recent pregnancies. Best wishes.

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    Default Me too

    So nice to see this thread.

    I am 6 weeks pregnant and have been taking Clexane (60mg) since last week.
    I also take 100mg of Aspirin each day.
    I have a blood clotting disorder called Prothrombin Gene Mutation and lost a baby at 18 weeks back in July 2008 due to the placenta clotting and not forming properly.

    Taking the injections everyday is a drag but it's so nice to have a reason for our loss and make sure it doesnt happen again.

    Question: Where do you put the injections when your belly gets bigger and you run out of 'fat rolls' to put it in.
    Also, does anyone else bruise slightly sometimes at the injection site.


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    Default clexane

    hi dede

    It is nice to know what the problems are so that the docs can treat it. Yes, i can get a nice big bruise at the injection site and also a lump where the blood forms underneath; very normal according to the professionals! I usually inject at bottom of my bump, as im 34 weeks as i can still get a pinchful! Good luck

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    Hi Ladies,
    I just wanted to let you know that I am in a similar situation. I have lost 2 babies from IUGR. I was told that it would never happen again after I lost my son at 22 weeks. I became pregnant a second time just a few months later and the doctors told me that I didn't need treatment because all of my tests came back normal. My daughter was stillborn at 28 weeks only weighing 1 pound. The placenta had massive clots. I started clexane and low dose aspirin before I became pregnant this time around. I am now about 19 weeks. The doctors told me that they don't know why this keeps happening so the blood thinners might not work for me. I have a scan in the morning to check for growth restriction. I am scared to death that we will have to go through another loss. It is great to hear that so many women have been helped with blood thinners.

    DeDe, I inject in my legs when the bruising gets too bad in my belly. As my belly gets tighter the bruising and stinging has been getting a little worse so a couple of weeks of injections in the legs really help. I get bruises the size of my hand if I am not careful about where I put the injections.
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