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Thread: 18-20week u/s,Slightly enlarged kidneys.. UPDATE PG3

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    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!


    Good luck for Friday mizzsocial - hoping all is well for you

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Rose, im getting the u/s through my hospital ..

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    Good luck for friday mizzsocial...
    I was told about the sof indicator for downs and the ultrasound results at 20 weeks indicated the increased risk.. Guess I will find out soon enough...

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Sorry ladies, i dont have much good news to report..

    At this stage, the bubs kidneys shouldnt be more than 7mm, and the right is measuring 6mm (which is ok) but the left is measuring 8mm which is once again slightly over what it should be..

    Im totally bummed

    Now we just have to wait till after he is born to ultrasound him, and see if they have changed or are the same..
    They are booking me into seeing a childrens doctor when the baby is born so they can explain everything to me..

    Otherwise, bladder looked normal, every other organ is great, just those darn kidneys wont get back into normal size!!! grr..

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    I'm sorry bubs kidneys are still showing a problem.
    Please try not to worry yourself to much about it until after bubs is born you might find his/her kidneys are just fine and normal for him/her.

    I had the stess of Alexander's kidneys but now at nearly 1 he still has a problem but nothing to really worry about they just now think that is how his kidneys will be. As long as he doesn't start to get unrine infections thinsg are fine.

    If you ever need to talk please feel free to email me.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Michelle thanks for replying..

    if you dont mind me asking, were his showing bigger then eachother in his u/s scans??

    Did he need any antibiodics?? Ive been told that my baby might need to have injections if they dont go to normal size..

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    One kidney is still bigger than the other but not by much. Alex's last ultrasound was two weeks ago. It shows one is more dialated than the other.
    He had to take antibiodics until he was 6 months old he was only able to stop taking them because his kidneys had not got worse.
    I still have to watch him and if he gets any sign of a bladder infection i have to take him staright to the doctors so they can work out what kind of infection it is just in case he gets more.

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    mizzsocial - sorry I have not written to you, the site crashed and I only found it back up tonight... but I have been thinking of you...

    6mm is not too bad - it is considered "slight to moderate". At 6mm, the stats are that it will heal without an operation.

    Mine came back at 14mm.... it was 7mm at 19 weeks and is now considered sever with little to no chance of healing without an opeartion.

    I too was devistated, but I'm OK now, accepting it.. they did another scan at 32 weeks and it had not grown more than 14mm, so have to do another scan in a few weeks...

    I hope your doing OK... 6mm is not so bad - I know it sounds devastating to you, but anything under 10mm is good - really... chin up, keep us updated.


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    Mizzsocial, did Jordan end up having problems? I would love to hear form all of you once you hve delivered re the out come.

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    How is everything with Jordan ??
    Hope everything turned out okay with his kidneys.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Hey girls.. thanks for thinking of me!!

    Jordan had a scan done at 2 days old, his left kidney is still slightly bigger than it should be,therefore he is on antibiodics at the moment.. Im seeing the doctor tommorow to dicuss the results of the U/S furthur.. from what i know at this point of time, Jordan will most likly have to have another scan done around 6 months old, to access the kidneys again..
    apparently my grandfather had a kidney larger than the other, it was just the way he was.. so i guess its maybe something passed through the family. ill post more tommorow when i see the doctor..

    CEECEE: Im glad you are thinking positive.. and i guess we should be thankful for todays technology that they picked it up early, and can fix the problem right away!! keep me updated..

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    Mizzsocial it could be just the way his kidneys are meant to be even more so if your grandfather had the same problem.

    I'm pleased they are keeping an eye on things still for you.
    What antibiodics is he on ?

    Alex has scan every 6 months he will have them until he is 2 and they are happy with them. My pead said that a lot of cases do get missed and nothing goes wrong with them and if they hadn't picked Jordan's up you would never had known unless he got a UTI.
    When they do find a problem they do have to follow it up and most cases nothing comes of it.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Michelle, Jordans on BACTRUM. 0.5 mls per day..

    So we saw Dr Hocking today..Jordans right kidney is 7mm which is "mild" and his left Kidney is 10mm which is "moderate" therefore on 12th July we have to get him to have a procedure called MCU.. basically they put a cathader up his penis into the bladder and see exactly what the problem is.. he said its either a block valve, or reflux..

    if its a block valve, he needs a mild operation, if its reflux they just keep him on medication till it self corrects..

    i have appointment on 12th July..

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    Good luck when Jordan has his MCU done.

    Alex had the MCU done also.

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Michelle, will the person who does the MCU be able to tell me right away what the problem is?

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    They will be able to give you some idea if there is a problem you will also be able to see it on the screen.
    Make sure you ask them as they will not tell you i had to ask when Alex had his done.
    Have they told you much about what they are doing ?

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    mizzsocial Guest


    Michelle: They did explain to me what is involved in the MCU.. im not looking forward to it.. i guess that i just have to remember that its for his own good, and the only way we can find out what exactly is the problem..
    at least its something Jordan wont remember when he is older..

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    mizzsocial Guest


    well im happy yo update, after a longstress throughout my pregnancy with jordans kidneys, we got the final result today from the mcu test, and everything is normal!!! we are sooo happy!!

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