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Thread: Dry Itchy Nipples

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    Unhappy Dry Itchy Nipples

    I have really dry itchy nipples at the moment & its driving me nuts! They itch a lot more if I have a bra or clothing on. Is there anything I can do to stop it (aside from not wearing clothes)?

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    Hi Skittlebub

    I have had this too, but it seemed to come and go and only on my left nipple. I've been using Lucas' PawPaw Ointment (fabulous product - all natural) and it seems to have cleared it up nicely. You can buy from Coles.

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    It sounds like dermatitis which is what I had/have on my nipples at times. I was prescribed a mild cream to apply which cleared it up quickly. I'd get it checked out to to be sure.

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    I'm so with you Sal! The worst part is everyone I ask just says "don't scratch!"... GRRRR! Not helpful! LOL!

    Might try that PawPaw Ointment too. Anything else (lol, yes, aside from not wearing clothers!)?

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