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Thread: Hungrier mum = growth spurt for baby??

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    Default Hungrier mum = growth spurt for baby??

    I was just wondering if bub having a growth spurt would make mum hungrier? Today I have been really really hungry for some reason. I'm at work, so I'm less active than normal because I'm sitting behind a desk *yawn* so it can't be increased activity. Nothing else has changed with me other than upping my Elevit on Drs orders this morning. So would it be the Elevit or is bub have a growth spurt?

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    Hi ya sarah,
    I thought i would add, that i get hungrier when i get the "stretching uterus ache" and in fact if i dont eat im actually sick. So maybe there is a link between baby growing and feeling more hugry. Who knows??


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    I think that if you get hungrier bubba is going through a growth spurt.. Also when i am more tired. I did have a fair few 'hungrier' periods before having Jett, and he was 8lb3.5oz. I have had a few hungrier periods this time round already, lets hope this one isnt as big!!

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    When I was pg with Livvy I would have a few days when I ate everything in sight and out ate my DH triple fold and then my belly would pop. So for me it definitely was.

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    Well I'm no expert, but I've been eating like a horse for the last few days (i.e. having dinner and still being hungry 15 minutes later) and so I think I have decided that bub must be having a growth spurt of some sort!!

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    hi Sarah,
    I've had a few times where my appetite is very noticeably bigger for two or three days and then a few days after that I notice my bump has grown rapidly, so I'd say it probably does work that way. Other than those times my appetite is completely normal.

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    Oh god!!!! that's was on my mind and it just stress me more, as all i know and hear is that pregnant women have a "horse" appetite, and for me it like i don't really want to eat, or even sometimes i don't know if my tummy is making noise because it's just doing like the washing machine sound or because i'm hungry!!!! Cos they say its normal as the uterus is growing...

    And that really bothers me saying that perharps im not eating enough and the baby will not grow enough!!!!
    But i eat lots of fruits and i can't even eat meat or fish, or even dairy products else i have nauseas.

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    Hi there, I am experienencing the same. I started eating alot and found out that my blood sugar was high and that was part of the reason for felling hungry all the time plus frequent visits to the toilet. If you feel like that I suggest you try to nibble on low GI food like beans, full grain breads and crackers, low in sugar cereal with no fat milk, oats, dry nuts and fresh fruits/vegetables. Getting into week 25-26 blod sugar can be an issue and you can end up getting diabetes which needs to be controlled. Since I have been told my blod sugar was high last week, I have been cutting out everything with high sugar levels and coffein 100 % out and started to eat alot of Low GI food. By doing that I have found that my hunger has eased off a little. I still feel hungry, but it is not as bad as before.......I went for the blood test to check for diabetes yesterday so I am hoping it will be good rather than bad news. Anyone else had some experience similar to mine?

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