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Thread: I just want to feel my bub moving!!

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    Thanks BJ,
    Its hard to know whats bub and what my tummy at this stage! I hope it becomes clearer as time goes on!

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    I can't remember when exactly I first felt movements with DS... it was very gentle and slowly built up to something I knew was him, and I know I had felt him before the 19w scan. I was very apprehensive as I had lost my first bub at 12w, so had a doppler thing that my sister had bought off ebay (I was borrowing it, but can't this time since she is pregnant too). At least then I could hear the heart beat to put my mind at ease.

    This time though I think I have a little rabbit in there! It's all legs (from the scan) and I am certainly feeling it already (but nice gentle tickles rather than hefty big boots in the guts!) I couldn't believe it at first. The very first time I called DH and said "I think I'm going crazy... I could have SWORN I felt the baby move! But it's way too early for that" (I was just over 13w). Then I saw the ob at 14w and she told me that it was very likely that I was feeling things as you feel it so much sooner second time around. Although with the movements comes additional worry as there are days when bub is reeeeeally active, and days where you don't feel a thing, so once the movement stops you can panic. But it is nice to get the reassurance when it does. Might have to get me one of those dopplers. The website I bought the baby breathing monitor off last time sells them quite cheaply and DH wants to upgrade our breathing monitor anyway as there is a new version out and the book says you should buy new pads for each baby anyway. The website we bought it from originally had it for cheaper than the cost of the pads here in Australia which is why we're leading towards the whole new unit, so I might just have to order the doppler with the new monitor!

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    I hear ya kafer_girl - I'm 18 1/2 weeks and I can't wait to feel movement!! I'm not sure if I already have or if it's all in my mind but I'm hanging out for it. I had a miscarriage in December though so I'm probably a little more paranoid than the norm! Best of luck!!

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