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    Default Low Iron

    Yeah my iron has always been low. My midwife told me to buy Fabfol.

    Have read that lean red meat, mince is high in iron so trying to eat that. Its not easy to have meat everyday.

    Any other suggestions....


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    I take Ferro-f-tabs from chemist on GPs advice. Just watch the iron you take is ferro fumarate and not sulphate so that you don't get constipated or tummy cramps. Don't drink tea or coffee with them and try to have Vit C tabs or OJ when you have them. Pumpkin seeds (pepitas) are also very high in iron and great to snack on or chop finely into cereal, yoghurt etc.

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    Agree on the recommendation to avoid ferrous sulphate - I wound up in hossy one night b/c I was so badly constipated as a result. Even after a week of pear juice, psyllium husks, dried fruit, etc, etc, etc, I was no better off, because this iron was so poorly absorbed.

    I spoke to my naturopath, who suggested taking an organic form of ferrous fumarate which you can get from healthfood shops. Apparently if the iron is from an organic source it is more easily absorbed. Within a day of taking it, I had no constipation at all and my iron levels have been fine!

    Kim, it would be interesting to hear what results you have with a liquid based ferrous sulphate!!

    Good luck!

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    Hmmm, not sure whether this is suitable, but after my baby was born my iron was low and SIL recommended Floradix liquid iron supplement. It is gentle on the tum adn the absorption rate is around 25%.
    Leafy green veges are also high in iron (spinach is a good one), as well as dried apricots. I agree, I find it difficult to eat meat every day...

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    I read the other day that bacon is a good source of iron.
    Almonds, dried figs and dried apricots and baked beans.
    The best thing you can do is make the most of the iron you have by combining iron-rich foods with vitaminC rich foods like capsicum (peppers) oranges, orange juice, kiwi fruit and fresh strawberries. Avoid diary and tea within an hour of eating iron rich foods.

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