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Thread: pregnancy smptoms hehe!!!

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    Default pregnancy smptoms hehe!!!

    Hi ya, as we are all adding our pregnancy symtoms here recently i thought i would add some of my own, to see what you lot think.
    I am now 25.4 weeks pregnant and for about a few weeks i have been waking up with sore hands, this morning i woke up and my fingers were swollen and i couldnt bend my fingers on one hand, it was as though the joints had dislocated, as the sweeling went down they kind of cracked back into place.... very weird.. never had a problem with my hands befor being pregnant.
    I have low blood pressure and low iron levels, not sure if this could be causing it?
    Also the accidents have begun to occure, wetting myself when i sneeze or cough.... very embaressing.
    Poor dh has been getting heartburn aswell as myself and he also had morning sickness during early stages aswell... awwww.
    Anyways thats it really, any of you experienced this.

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    No sorry hun havent had anything like that. Gee maybe get the fluid and that looked at.

    Good luck hun

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    Hi Gorgette,
    Its pretty normal for your joints to get more flexible because hormones soften up the ligaments or something but maybe watch out for too much swelling. Cant tell u enough, if your already having accidents when you sneeze, keep up the pelvic floor exercises or it will get worse. My health nurse reminded me the other day to keep them up or otherwise I will be wetting my pants at 40. Lovely lady!! The joys of child birth hey?!!

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    Georgette, carpal tunnel syndrome is apparently quite common in preg (I know a few people who've had it) and can be quite debilatating.
    Might be worth getting your hands checked out.

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    I had terrible reflux/heartburn my whole pregnancy. I think I had it instead of MS. We had to put the head of the bed up on blocks and I used an extra pillow. Towards the end I had to sleep sitting up in a chair till I went and got serious meds from the dr. Dont let it get that bad, there are safe drugs for it!!!

    As for the hands, I had a kind of swelling feeling and had lots of puffy feet etc. Is the doc checking your wee for protein yet? maybe mention it as you dont want pre-eclampsia. Swelling is a sign. Or is it carpal tunnel? I had that also, with the puffy hands especially in the mornings. I found that clenching and releasing a few times helped. You can get a brace from the chemist or physio to wear overnight to take the pressure off too. Or maybe get to a physio and have ultrasound done to release the muscles which cause pressure on those bits? I had that in the past and it worked great.

    I second the advice on your pelvic floor excercises!!! Get onto it now cause it will make it a lot easier to recover after the birth too. It will only get worse with the birth and age so now is your chance to get it right.

    Hope it all works out for you!

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    The hand thing sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome. It's caused by excess fluid in your hands - and of course extra fluid is common in pregnancy. From what I've read it involves numbness, tingling, pins and needles, stiffness and or pain in your fingers, hands and wrists and can have referred pain up into your elbows. I've been getting the pins and needles on waking for months now and keep expecting it to develop into carpal tunnel but it hasn't so far. I have notice though in the last week I'm now getting pain in the hands as well during the day and at night. I read pain at night is more common with CT. It's worse for me on the left side which is interesting as I've been suffering from a swollen left foot due to excess fluid which I currently have under control due to wearing totally flat shoes now.

    I've so far ony had the wee when you sneeze happen once and I was horrified. So unexpected and such a worry cos I'm sneezing a lot during this pregnancy as I have the stuffy nose thing (have had since week 3).

    Heartburn - I've had heaps of it too. I live on tums - they always fix it.

    DF has had cravings for crispy creme donuts and pancakes and has developed a belly. He's also been getting a lot of headaches and getting indigestion too. It's really funny.

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