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Thread: Shortness of breath

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    Default Shortness of breath

    Over the past 2 days I have been feeling really constricted in the chest. To the point where it feels hard to breathe. Is this fairly common or something I should call my Ob about?

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    It might be worth mentioning to your doctor just to be sure, but I had the same thing just from the baby taking up so much room and putting pressure on my chest and lungs. It was only really bad if I tried lying on my back or sitting leaning back in the tub, but yeah it was pretty uncomfortable.

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    Hi michelle,
    Gee i wish my advice was more constuctive, i di have this happen to me from about 30 weeks but did have a very large baby. I would definetley give your ob a call,just to see what he thinks. maybe if the placenta was sitting high you may get this feeling. Is it only like this at certain times,ie standing or laying?I found swimming or gently floating to feel absolutely wonderful as i got larger as it took the pressure off everything.

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    I had the same thing when I was pregnant and I think it was mainly to do with less room for my lungs.
    I think it's quite common but it's still worth mentioning to your care provider so that they can rule out any other causes.

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    I have it now, and i am still in the first trimester. I live in a townhouse and for me to walk up the stairs is shocking. By the time i hit the top i am exhausted. I will definately be mentioning it on friday.

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