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Thread: tips for rolling over in bed with ligament pain?

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    annieh Guest

    Default tips for rolling over in bed with ligament pain?

    Hi all,

    Has anyone with round ligament pain found a good way to roll over in bed?

    This really hurts me, and since I need to roll between my left and right sides about 20 times per night (I'm too used to sleeping on my back!), it's making me crazy...

    thanks, A

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    FluffyLaRue Guest


    Keep your legs together as you move - as in don't throw one leg over to help yourself turn, do it as more of a shuffle

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    I'm not sure how far along you are, but are you avoiding lying on your back because you have heard it is bad for your baby?

    I was doing that because I had ready that you shouldn't after 18 weeks due to pressure on the vena cavea or something like that. I asked my ob and he said it wasn't a problem. He said it might be an issue in the last few weeks and if it was I would know about it because I would feel really sick and like I was about to pass out.

    Anyway, I'm not sure if that is helpful or not, but good luck anyway.

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    I found that going slowly and moving a little bit of my body at a time really helped mine, which is difficult when you are trying to sleep. I know it sounds silly, but when mine was really bad I practiced rolling over (when I wasn't trying to sleep) until I found a way that I was comfortable with. By practicing it during the day, it became more automatic when I did it in my sleep, and so I got less interrupted sleep as well.

    You probably already know this, but when you sit up, turn on to your side first and use your arms to help lift your body, without engaging your stomach muscles. If you usually have strong stomach muscles you might be subconsciously letting them do the work - I did and it made my ligament pain worse. Same as when you stand - really get into the habit of letting your legs do the work.

    I find that at 40 weeks I don't have much ligament pain at all but at 18-24 weeks it was horrible. Maybe the round ligaments don't have much work to do before pregnancy and complain mightily when they start having to work hard to support your growing belly! If you try and take it easy it might give them a chance to get stronger slowly.

    I hope that you get some relief soon - it's not a nice thing to go through at all.

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    Butterfly_Princess Guest


    WOW im glad i found this thread. Ive started having ligament pain, cant say its really bothered me for long periods of time, but i know now what to do when i do get it next or when i get it bad. Ill be keeping an eye out on this thread

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